The 15 Most Common Types of Pheromone Ingredients

pheromone ingredients

Synthetic pheromone sprays have been used for a long time, and their effectiveness has been proven time and time again throughout various scientific studies.

However, when shopping for synthetic pheromone sprays, it can be tricky to know what spray is right for you to achieve the results you desire. It helps to understand the ingredients that make up the spray so that you know exactly what you are getting into. This Updated January 2024 article will help.


Top 10 Most Common Pheromone Ingredients

Type of PheromoneEffects While Using
AndrostadienoneLove Pheromone
AndrostenoneSexual Pheromone
AndrostanoneSocial Pheromone
AndrosteroneTrust and Respect
Epi-androsteroneCharming and Charismatic
Androsterone SulfateIncrease Social Standing
Alpha AndrostenolIcebreaker Pheromone
Beta AndrostenolTruth and Honesty
AndrostenetrioneIncreases Attractiveness
OxytocinBonding and Trust

1. Androstadienone

man and womenThis is also known as the “love” pheromone.

It has been known to affect those who smell it by making them develop a crush on the person wearing it, as well as general feelings of affection and longing to be around the wearer.

Women tend to feel protected, comforted, content, and uplifted. The wearer may come off as more attractive to those around them thanks to the aroma as well.

2. Androstenone

The pheromone associated with sexuality.

Androstenone will cause in men and women an attraction and arousal feeling. When used in high doses, it can come off as intimidating, although having just the right amount makes it a necessary ingredient in many formulas for attraction pheromones.

This substance is one of the most studies and effective ones to date, and it has a wide range of effects on people. For example, other men may perceive the aroma as a threat, and for others, it can arouse feelings of intimidation.

attractive couple on bed3. Androstanone

Looking for charm and “social dominance?” This ingredient is essential.

Although it has a chemical structure similar to that of the previous substance, Androstenone, Androstanone acts a little differently. While they both induce sexual attraction and attention-grabbing feelings such as a sense of power or “alpha,” this version will create these feelings in a slightly subtle way that’s intended to casually take everyone’s attention.

4. Androsterone

An ingredient used for a feeling of respect.

Used alone it is often perceived as trustworthy, mature, and reliable. However, it is often used in combination with other pheromones because it is able to amplify how charismatic a person seems.

It also is known for creating a “fallout effect” for those around the wearer. This comes in handy if you want a person to develop a crush on you, but it can also make them possessive, clingy, or jealous.

women holding man in her arms5. Epi-androsterone

Also known as “beta androsterone,” the charmer.

When trying to create the essence of a social, youthful, and charismatic leader, this is the pheromone that is used. It is attractive and likable to both women and men, but it can also elevate your respect status.

It can help form a sense of “chemistry” between two people, which is why it is such a helpful ingredient to obtain social status.

6. Androsterone Sulfate

While also enhancing the user’s social standing, it will also create a feeling of warmth and fun.

This unique molecule is a special addition to synthetic sprays because it is not, for the most part, produced by females or males. While it isn’t the strongest ingredient to boost attractiveness, it can make others see the wearer in a more positive light, ignite a significant shift in mood, and increase sociability.

women wearing red shoes7. Alpha Androstenol

The conversation starter and icebreaker pheromone.

When a wide variety of social effects are for a party, Alpha Androstenol is the best of the best. It will add a sense of social fluidity to your verbal banter and allow for more random chatter.

With all of these effects combined, you will seem more outgoing and friendly to others as well as make your social interactions more fun. When used in too high of a dose, however, it will dull the influence of other pheromones. This can be useful if you have stronger, internally aggressive pheromones that need to be buffered.

8. Beta Androstenol

The honesty and deep conversation starter.

Are you looking for something with more of a truth serum effect? Look for sprays with Beta Androstenol in them. These will help others form a sense of bonding or familiarity with you. While the “alpha” version of this will get the conversations started, the “beta” is an isomer that will deepen the social interactions you have with others.

blond girlIf you have ever been around someone that tends to overshare, you may be familiar with this type of honesty. For example, people may begin to reveal various details about their personal life, secrets, and just things about themselves that they usually keep hidden from others. Both Alpha and Beta Androstenol are usually used together to increase the depth and frequency of conversation.

9. Androstenetrione

The pheromone used as a “visual beautifier.”

While it isn’t as mainstream as other ingredients, Androstenetrione has strong and individual effects. Others will perceive the wearer as more attractive thanks to a significant “air brush” effect caused by the substance, although it does work both ways – other people will, in turn, appear more attractive in your eyes as well.

This is because it is an emotional amplifier that will create unique experiences in hindsight where your memories appear more euphoric and memorable. Another thing it has been known to do is create a “super glue” reaction where women and just people in general will feel like they need to make physical contact with the person wearing it, which is due to the feelings of affection that it causes.

10. Oxytocin

couple kissingThe bonding and trusting pheromone.

Oxytocin is a highly debated topic as not everybody considers it to be a pheromone, although there are many reports that claim that it does have those attributes and many reports that claim that it doesn’t.

Pheromone enthusiasts will debate this topic of Oxytocin for days, and the split is pretty even with about a half and half divide of those who don’t see results and those who do. Those who do see results of this will see an increase in trust, stronger loving vibes, as well as increased levels of bonding between partners.

5 Lesser Known Ingredients that Mimic Pheromone Effects


An intense magnetism surrounds Pregnenolone, making the wearer appear more charming. It will induce a strong elevation in mood as well as silly and playful behavior and possibly giddiness. While this substance is not used very often, its effects are still quite potent.

charming manHowever, when used in too high of doses, it can make you feel more erratic. Negative side effects are an unfortunate reality of many things, and pheromones are not exempt from that when used in incorrect dosages.

Some people who used Pregnenolone in higher doses (more than 20mcgs) have reported a verbal disconnect, which occurs when they find themselves having difficulty speaking and become harder to understand.

Another effect of a high dosage is that it can create a “tipsy” feeling, making you feel silly and playful and have less restraint regarding what you say and do. This is enjoyable, but not exactly recommended for certain environments such as work or when you need to operate machinery.


While this is not officially considered a pheromone, it affects the brain activity of those around it just like all pheromones do. What makes a-thdoc stand out, however, is that it produces all kinds of unique phenomena such as blanking on what you are thinking about, outbursts of hysterical laughter, and extreme concentration. It may also cause someone to re-evaluate their perception of you.

dark haired womenBeta THDOC

Similar to Alpha, it is a neurosteroid that acts similarly to standard pheromones. The main result this ingredient is known for is a profound disinhibiting feeling in both physical and verbal ways.

It can act as a stronger version of b-androstenol in terms of honesty, but it should be noted that this honesty should be reserved for adults. In terms of the physical nature, you may notice people distancing themselves from you, or if they like you they’ll move closer to you. It tends to amplify emotions as well as the effects of the other ingredients it is combined with.


Another rarely used substance, it has a standalone result of producing a crush feeling for women. It is a different feeling than what Androstadienone induces. It creates a sense of deep physical feelings (such as butterflies in your stomach) when you are around someone that you feel a strong affection towards.

dark haired women in red dressAstaxanthin

Have you ever been to Disneyland or another place that similarly excites you, and just felt your emotions elevate simply because of the environment?

Astaxanthin is similar to this in that it is a significant mood enhancer and will make everything around the wearer appear to be more fun. It will create an inviting aura as well as increase your social status and social fluidity.

Final Thoughts

Pheromones produce many different effects that stimulate different reactions in yourself and those around you. Mix up what you use and have fun! Try a new pheromone-induced spray that you’re not used to and see what results in your social interactions.