Do Teenagers Produce Stronger Pheromones?

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When we are teenagers, our bodies are just out of control. It’s funny how we can be so insecure and awkward and at the same time impulsive and wild when meeting someone we like from the other sex. It feels like the sex drive is unstoppable. This is puberty. The hormones are all over the … Read more

5 Ways To Spot A Fake Pheromone Scam Product

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When you are in the market for a pheromone product that can help you attract the opposite sex, you need to be aware that the market is filled with ripoffs. While there are plenty of great products available for you to choose between, you need to also be aware of some sure fire signs that … Read more

How Pheromones Can Enhance Your Personal Growth

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What’s your game plan for when something isn’t quite working, such as a relationship (or lack thereof), a job, a social gathering, or even your health? How do you do take a stagnant or dead-end pursuit and turn it into a personal strength, an opportunity, or a practical growth experience, so you can ultimately move … Read more

Pheromone Oils Vs. Pheromone Sprays – What’s The Difference?

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There’s a good chance you’ve wondered, “what’s the difference between pheromone oils and pheromone sprays?” and the simplest answer is: they both have the same active ingredients but in different quantities and with different solvents. Of course, there’s more to it than that. The answers are explained in this Updated 2024 article, what sets them … Read more

The Science Behind Pheromones

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Updated January 2024. The word “pheromone” is used to describe a certain type of chemical that can be picked up by the human olfactory sensors found inside a person’s mouth, signaling primal things such as attraction, territory marking, the presence of danger or a sexually open mate. Pheromones were initially discovered in the 1950’s by … Read more

How To Increase Pheromones Naturally

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Updated January 2024. There’s hype about chemicals known as pheromones.  These chemicals, or “hormones” are produced and work outside the human body.  These human pheromones, when inhaled by a potential partner can elicit changes in sexual behavior and attraction.  Scientific research has proven that just like animals, humans emit a scent that attracts potential partners. … Read more

Does Taking a Shower Affect Your Natural Pheromones?

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Pheromones are chemicals that enable a variety of social responses, one of which is attraction between members of the opposite sex. The release of these chemicals occurs through the skin, and so it is natural that showering too often will reduce or even block their effect. If you’re considering using synthetic pheromones, read this Updated … Read more

How Do Pheromones Work?

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Updated January 2024. Pheromones are chemicals released from our bodies in an effort to elicit a response from our same species. Pheromones are released by every living species from animals, insects, plants and even bacteria. In other species, pheromones are used as a means of communication. Pheromone messages can be territorial, cooperative, or even sexual … Read more