Chikara Pheromone Cologne For Men Review

Chirara Pheromones Cologne for Men

Many online retailers and customers list Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men as their favorite product for adult males. But is this really one of the best pheromone colognes on the market? Find out in this Updated January 2024 product review.

We decided to ignore the hype, put Chikara to the test, and investigate whether it stands up to its claims and popularity online. We will tell you everything you need to know about it here in our Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men review.


How Does Chikara Work?

You may or may not know that pheromones are chemicals found in both our sweat and other bodily fluids. Scientists believe these trigger the release of neurotransmitters, which can increase sexual attraction in others.

Studies also show that people who release higher than average quantities of pheromones are found to have greater levels of romantic success.

Chikara works by putting these findings into action, and bottling the very pheromones that our bodies produce naturally.

Women caressing man on red bed sheetHow To Use Chikara Cologne

Guides to using Chikara cologne suggest that you should try using it on the pulse points that you would use with cologne. This includes your wrists, on the throat, and behind the ears.

Most people that have used Chikara advise you to just start with a few dabs due to the power of its scent. If you put too much on, it can be off-putting and have the opposite effect as desired.

Some people have also found that they experience improved mood and self-confidence just by applying a small amount under their nose. A way to know if too much has been used here is if you start to experience feelings of aggression.

Man and women holding each other laughing.How Long Does Chikara Last?

Other Chikara pheromone cologne for men reviews focus on the product’s longevity, rating it a 9/10 in effectiveness. Because you only need a few drops, your bottle will last you many months. We found it to have a similarly long lasting effect, increasing its money value.

Ingredient Overview: What’s Inside of a Chikara Bottle?

The main components of the Chikara cologne are listed as:

  • AndrosteNONE
  • AndrosteNOL
  • Containers of ingredients in a laboratory.AndrosteRONE

There are both scented and unscented versions available to you. Here is more information about these chemicals and how they affect the feelings of others.

  • AndostreNOL is widely known as a “social pheromone” and combines perfectly with other pheromones including AndrosteNONE. You can identify it by a distinctive musk-like scent. For a point of comparison people have said that Pherazone is more sexual. It will trigger feelings of arousal in the company you’re after.
  • AndrosteNONE is a pheromone that can be found in both men and women, but it is associated mostly with male pheromone colognes. Its aura has been described as dominant and gives off an “alpha” quality to the user.
  • AndrosteRONE is a pheromone that is found only in humans, and boosts the performance of other pheromones. Some have said it creates feelings of protection, reliability and safety.

Cute women laying on top of a man.What to Expect From Using Chikara

The blend of Chikara pheromones are classified as social and sexual. This means that this cologne uses a formula that is attractive but not overpowering or aggressive.

This makes Chikara pheromone cologne for men a product that is suitable for any occasion, but particularly dates. The scent will subconsciously draw in anybody with ease.

This balance of pheromones makes it a powerful and alluring scent, but one that is trustworthy because of its formula. You won’t have to worry about whether this scent works or not – you can feel confident going out to a bar, club, or restaurant knowing that it’s bound to allure others.

The pleasing scent of Chikara has been compared to sandalwood. It will last a long time but does not overpower the nostrils of those around you. The somewhat subtle nature of the scent means people will want to share your space, and get to know you.

Beautiful women in white lingerie undressing a man wearing blue jeans.Comparing Chikara to the Competition

You should also know that Chikara Cologne has a total of seven pheromones per 10 milligrams of liquid, making it incredibly strong. By comparison, the pheromone content in the bottle is twice the amount found in Primal Instinct for Men.

Compared to some other best pheromones for men, such as Pherazone, Chikara is considered to be inexpensive. Pherazone can range from $89 to $225, which is costly for pheromone cologne.

How Much Does Chikara Cost?

One of the first questions you will of course be asking yourself, is how much will this product cost? Will it be worth what I spend on a bottle?

Dark haired women lying on a bed.The standard version of Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men comes in a 15 ml atomizer style bottle and currently retails at $59.95, marked down from $69.95.

However, there is also a Chikara Mini available for $14.95. This is a great option if you’re hesitant to buy the bigger bottle, and would benefit from sampling this product with a smaller quantity.

There is also a return policy of up to sixty days. This gives you plenty of time to change your mind if you decide that Chikara isn’t the cologne for you.

The Final Verdict: Pros and Cons


  • Generous 60 day return period – Pherazone offers 30 days by comparison
  • Only a small amount is needed to have an effect
  • couple lying in bedImproves mood and attractiveness of you and those around you
  • Time that effects last rated highly
  • Seven pheromones per 10ml of liquid – twice the potency of Primal Instinct for Men
  • Vacuum sealed bottles ensure safe delivery of your goods
  • As you will not use much, you may get a great amount of use from one bottle


  • Relatively strong so may not suit first time buyers
  • While cost may be somewhat high there is also a smaller version you can try

Chikara Review – Conclusion

women laying on bedChikara does not necessarily come at an inexpensive price. However, the results seen by many reviewers suggest it may well be worth it. The generous possibility of return for two months also gives you plenty of time to decide whether it’s for you.

The blend of potent pheromones also gives you a good amount of value for the money that you are putting down.

We hope that this Chikara Review has shed some light on whether this is the cologne you are looking for. We recommend purchasing the smaller dosage bottle first to give this cologne a test drive.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many uses can I expect?

The 1ml Chikara Pheromone Mini product is described as giving around 20 uses. Going off this we calculate that you could expect around 300 uses from the full sized Chikara bottle.

Is Chikara popular?

Chikara is currently among the five top selling pheromone colognes, so seems to be a hit among its users.

How do I apply Chikara?

Expect to apply Chikara as you would traditional cologne. Aim for the pressure points around the body, but basically any place that is likely to come in close contact with those around you.