Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil For Women Review

Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for WomenThe new oil blend from PheromoneXS, Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women, is said to be the perfect way for women to attract men. It claims to be great for your “everyday sexy” and can be worn with everything from your business clothes to evening outfits.

During our Updated January 2024 review of this product we discovered many incomplete Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil For Women Reviews. In this in-depth review, we’ll analyze the claims and overall effectiveness of this new blend from PheromoneXS.  


How Does Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women Work?

You might already be familiar with how pheromone products work. But if you are new to the scene or just need a quick refresher, here it is: pheromones are chemical signals that have the potential to influence a person’s sexual attraction and mood. They are naturally secreted by the human body and can have real effects on others.

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Pheromones for women products use synthetically created human pheromones to replicate and enhance this natural process.

Ingredients in Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil

  • Alpha-androstenol. This synthetic pheromone is proven to make someone appear more attractive. Additionally, its ability to instill a sense of comfort makes the person more approachable.
  • Beta-androstenol. This synthetic pheromone also makes the wearer appear more attractive. But unlike alpha-androstenol, which promotes lighter social interactions, beta-androstenol facilitates deeper connections.
  • Perfumers’ alcohol and dipropylene glycol. These are not pheromones but are ingredients that consist of the blend’s base and, respectively, act as a dilutent and solvent.

A product that promises to increase attraction might seem like nonsense. But when you look at how pheromone products like Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women actually work, you can see how their ingredients combine to increase one’s attractiveness.

couple kissing after working outHow to Use Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women

They say less is more, and that is very true of Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women. Using the dropper that comes with your purchase, you only need to put on 1-2 drops per application. This little amount should last you 8-10 hours!

For the best results, you should apply the blend to clean, dry skin. This will allow the pheromones to work effectively. Some of the key points (or “sweet spots”) where you should apply the solution include: behind the ears, around your neck, the backs of your knees, or on your wrists.

The Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women bottle comes with no fragrance in it. Because the pheromones are concentrated synthetic body odors, it’s not going to smell very nice right out of the bottle. It’s recommended that you use some sort of fragrance to hide the unpleasant odor. A purchase of the Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women comes with a cover scent. The female cover scent options are:

  • man kissing womenJasmine vanilla
  • JAdore (designer type)
  • Pink sugar (designer type)
  • Amber rose
  • Flower bomb (designer type)
  • AXS (pure feminine mystique)
  • Le chocolat
  • Sweet sensations
  • Sexy amber (designer type)

You can also use with your regular perfume if you prefer.

It’s also important to make sure that the blend diffuses properly. PheromoneXS’ Advanced Diffusion Technology makes this possible. Using a cover scent or perfume can also help spread the pheromone so that it is most effective.

How Long Does Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women Last?

couple lying on white bedAs previously mentioned, 1-2 drops of these pheromones for women should last you about 10 hours. It is super concentrated and is extremely effective when applied to your body’s “sweet spots.” However, this can be dependent on a number of factors such as body chemistry and how much sweat you produce.  

Oils vs Sprays

PheromoneXS has a very similar product in a spray form that has seen much success since its release. Sprays are less concentrated and therefore require more application for the same results. Sprays are ideal if you live in a cool or moderate climate while oil blends work better in warmer environments.

If you live in a cooler area, consider applying Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women as early as possible. That way, there will be enough time for its effects to kick in.

man holding women he's kissingWhat to Expect from Using Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women

Women who use this product are bound to attract more members of the opposite sex. PheromoneXS hits it right on the nose by advertising Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for a woman’s “everyday sexy.”

The blend is perfect to wear to work or a day exploring the city. It’s even great for night outings and even more formal events. Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil not only attracts men but also increases a woman’s own confidence. Those who wear it are more likely to feel better about themselves and interact with the people they are interested in.

You’ll feel like the most attractive girl in the room, emit confidence, and be flirting with men in no time! Most women who use Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women experience positive results. This is saying a lot considering that everyone has different body chemistry and would seemingly be affected differently by pheromones.

couple holding each otherHow Much Does Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women Cost?

On PheromoneXS’s website, the product retails for $79.97 and comes with a 0.33 fl oz bottle, an attached dropper, and a cover scent of your choice. This is a little pricier than other brands of oil blends.

The bottle is relatively small, but because it is highly concentrated, and you’ll only use a little bit each application, it should last you a while.

Unfortunately, there are no returns. PheromoneXS previously had an “Iron Clad Guarantee” for their oil blends where you could get a full refund within 45 days of receiving your product. That policy was cancelled back in 2018, but the company will, however, replace any defective items free of charge.

Comparing Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil to the Competition

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Some blend oils come already scented. Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women is unscented and might be off-putting because of its bad smell. But it is supposed to be worn with a cover scent or perfume, so this isn’t a major factor to consider compared to other brands.

Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women is highly concentrated, making it last much longer than other brands. If you are new to pheromones, some products might be too strong for beginners.

Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women, however, is concentrated without being too overwhelming. It is a little pricey but since it is highly concentrated it is a great value. Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil comes with 9 different attractive cover scents, this is a lot compared to competitors.

The Final Say: Pros and Cons

So how does all this information break down, and is Fantasy XS right for you? Here are some major pros and cons summarized to help you in making your decision.

romantic couple on a datePros

  • It can last up to 10 hours.
  • It comes with a cover scent of your choice.
  • Most people experience a positive outcome using Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women.
  • The pheromone ingredients are proven to increase your attraction, confidence, and approach-ability.
  • In the event that your oil blends arrive defective, it will be replaced with another of the same kind.
  • You only need a little bit per application and the bottle should last you a while.


  • The unscented oil blend has a strong musky odor.
  • It is slightly pricier than the average oil blends.
  • Its use is not ideal for cooler weather.
  • For their oil blends, PheromoneXS no longer offers their Iron Clad Guarantee, but will replace any defective products.

romantic couple holding each otherFantasy XS Pheromone Oil Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, Fantasy XS Pheromone Oil for Women does its job! I think that the price, effectiveness, and consumer success rate all prove that this product is well-worth the purchase. I recommend this product. It works and is a good value for the price.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Is Fantasy XS suited to wear at my work place?

Yes, Fantasy XS was designed to be worn for your everyday sexy. It works great at work and for a night on the town.

Is Fantasy XS available in a spray bottle instead of oil?

Yes, Fantasy XS is available in a spray bottle. Pheromone sprays and oils have different attributes, therefore, PheromoneXS offers both products.

Will Fantasy XS irritate my skin?

No, Fantasy XS will not cause skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin a pheromone oil is recommended over a spray product.