TRUE Instinct Pheromone Review

TRUE Instinct for Men Pheromones

TRUE Instinct Pheromone is a best-selling pheromone for men. Simply put, its pheromone oil designed for men who want immediate attention from women.

As a product that claims to have a higher concentration of sexual pheromones for men than any other product on the market, it’s undoubtedly one of the most potent and exciting pheromone oils out there.

In this Updated January 2024 review we look at just how effective TRUE Instinct is, and review factors including how to use it, the price, how long it lasts, and the pros/cons of the product.


How Does TRUE Instinct Work?

TRUE Instinct works like the majority of other pheromone products. The oil contains pheromones, which work as chemical signals to alter how people react and interact with you. This product is designed specifically for men who want to attract female attention.

seductive womenThe main ingredient in TRUE Instinct is the pheromone Androstenone,  which is thought to enhance physical attraction between the sexes. This product contains a concentration of Androstenone previously unheard of in the world of pheromones – it’s really that strong!

Overall, the blend promises to contain pheromones that enhance communication, connection, and charisma, all important for sexual attraction.

How To Use TRUE Instinct Pheromone?

TRUE Instinct is a slow-release oil based pheromone product. To start with, one drop should be applied to a warm part of the body, such as on the wrist or behind the ear. You can then increase the amount of drops until you find the level that brings the affects you want. It might take a couple of trials to see how much is right for you, so be patient.

sexual womenTRUE Instinct can be applied to clothing also. However, this application requires using slightly more product then applying it directly to your skin. Using it on clothing is great for people with sensitive skin.

This pheromone oil comes with an overdose warning, so it’s important not to apply more than 5 drops at any one time!

What Does TRUE Instinct Smell Like?

TRUE Instinct is unscented, because there’s simply no need for scent: the pheromones will do their job in attracting women to you. This means that you can wear it alongside your usual cologne, or go without any scents at all. Either way, you’ll instantly notice an increase in attention from women when you wear this product.

How Long Does TRUE Instinct Last?

women offering herselfTRUE Instinct is sold in 10ml bottles. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, 10ml is actually equivalent to approximately 280 drops. As it’s so strong, you only need 1-5 drops each time you use it, so the product should last you a good amount of time.

Many users have found that 2 drops is the optimal level, so you get a lot out of the product. After you’ve applied your perfect dose of TRUE Instinct before a night out, the pheromone effects should last for 8-10 hours.

Because it is a very potent oil with a slow-release formula, there’s no need to reapply at any point. Simply let the pheromones do their work, and you’ll have all the female attention you desire!

What’s in a Bottle of TRUE Instinct?

The active ingredients in a bottle of TRUE Instinct are Androstenone, Androstadienone, and Androsterone:

  • Androstenone: Strongly linked to sexual behaviors, and is thought to cause arousal in both men and women.
  • women with nice buttAndrostadienone: Commonly known as the love pheromone. Elicits feelings of attraction, affection and instill a longing to be near the person wearing it.
  • Androsterone: Creates a feeling of respect, and can give the effect of more charisma when combined (as it is here) with other pheromones.

Each bottle contains 8,500 mcg of pheromones, which is an equivalent to 30.4mcg per drop. Take note that this is an oil based product, which does make it last longer, but can be a potential irritant to people with sensitive skin.

What Should I Expect Using TRUE Instinct Pheromone?

Simply put the high quantities of Androstenone in TRUE Instinct will make you more attractive to the women you are around. This is a blend of sexual pheromones, so it’s aimed at creating an aura of charisma and confidence around you, giving women a natural signal that you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

dark haired womenUnlike other pheromone products that are aimed at sociability and light flirtations, this product is all about sexual attraction and physical desire: if that’s what you’re on the market for, look no further than TRUE Instinct.

How Does TRUE Instinct Measure Up to the Competition?

Each pheromone product is designed to have different effects: this one is all about physical attraction, caused by Androstenone. There are other pheromones sprays and oils on the market that contain the same pheromone, but none in the same quantities as TRUE Instinct. That’s why TRUE Instinct is the best-selling pheromone for men.

It comes in at a slightly higher price point than some of the competing products, but none have such a high Androstenone content or such a strong blend of sexual pheromones. TRUE Instinct pheromone reviews available on the web testify to the potent and long lasting effects of the product.

sensual womenWhat Is The Cost of TRUE Instinct Pheromone?

A 10ml bottle of TRUE Instinct Pheromone is currently retailing for $77.00 Orders over $75.00 come with free shipping. This pheromone oil comes with a guarantee, and you’ll get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.

You can add Copulins for an additional price, starting at $14.99. I like the fact that there’s also the option to add a bottle of TRUE Instinct Body Spray to your order at checkout. This costs an additional $4.99 when added to your order.

What Are Copulins?

In brief, copulins are chemicals secreted by a female’s vagina. These secretions significantly increase in concentration during the follicular phase when she is most fertile. Scientific studies have proven a man’s testosterone level increases by up to 150% when he is exposed to copulins. In essence, copulins ignite the testosterone fire in men and create the urge to mate in women.

intimate couple laughingIs TRUE Instinct Guaranteed?

TRUE Pheromones promises a 100% Risk Free Customer Satisfaction. They allow you to use TRUE Instinct for up to one full year without risk.

If you feel their pheromones aren’t giving you consistent and measurable success with the opposite sex, simply return the unused portion for a full refund. This is the best guarantee on the market.

Pros and Cons of TRUE Instinct


  • Effect: Many men testify to this product having the intended effects.
  • Excellent Value: While the price of the pheromone is high, it’s worth it for the effects. A single 10ml bottle lasts a long time.
  • Best Guarantee: There is no better guarantee of pheromone products anywhere.
  • Content: The higher content of Androstenone in this pheromone oil is a real selling point – you won’t find one this strong available to buy elsewhere.
  • Free Shipping: TRUE Instinct is shipped free anywhere in the United States.
  • Sexual Attraction: TRUE Instinct is designed specifically for sexual attraction.
  • Customer Reviews: TRUE Instinct has a 90% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Duration of Effect: Lasts up to 10 hours.
  • Addition of Copulins: You have the ability to amplify the effects by adding copulins.

woman attracted to manCons:

  • Price: Even though I think you get your money’s worth, this product is expensive for a small bottle at a price point that some simply can’t afford.
  • Type: its oil based which can leave stains on clothing or irritate people with sensitive skin.
  • Delivery: Some users have reported a long delivery time, mainly for overseas customers.
  • Potency: While the strength and power of this product is what makes it great, you need to be careful (particularly if you’re new to the world of pheromones) with your quantities.

Review Verdict for TRUE Instinct

sexy womenI think this product lives up to its reputation as one of the most potent pheromones available. They deliver a potent product packed with strong levels of sexual pheromones.

The price is extremely reasonable for the product they sell you. This product is made for sexual attraction, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend buying TRUE Instinct.

While you only get a small bottle, you don’t need to apply much to get the desired effects. It lasts a long time. It is very potent so I don’t recommend it for beginners. I am a big fan of the product guarantee and the optional add-ons. This is truly one of the best pheromones for men.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Why would I want to add copulins to my purchase?

Adding copulins to TRUE Instinct will increase a mans testosterone levels immensely. The elevated testosterone increases his sexual urges and encourages women to want to mate.

Does TRUE Instinct really have the highest concentration of sexual pheromones known to man?

Yes, TRUE Instinct does have the highest concentration of sexual pheromones. They use the three strongest sexual pheromone ingredients and each bottle contains 8,500 mcg.

Does TRUE Pheromones offer discounts on their products?

TRUE Pheromones does offer discounts on their products. Some offers allow you to save hundreds of dollars on products.