Evolve XS Pheromones Review

Evolve XS Pheromone SprayToday, there are many options on the market available that are designed to use pheromones to help men be more attractive to women. One formula, Evolve XS has become increasingly popular.

We noticed most of the Evolve XS Pheromone Reviews were incomplete so we decided to conduct our own. Here in this Updated January 2024 review we examine the details in this Evolve XS Pheromone Review to show you if it’s worth buying.


What Makes Evolve XS Pheromones Unique

Many of the pheromone attraction products that are around today that are designed to aid men in being more attractive to women. Most (such as the ones listed here) have been engineered with the motto in mind: “bigger is better!” What that means is that around 99% of the products and designs on the market today created for this purpose contain androstenone.

Pheromones are a unique and interesting science, and the creators of Evolve XS have created their product with the idea in mind that including this substance is an inherently flawed method at aiding men in being more attractive to women.

Androstenone is the most widely used and most powerful sexual pheromone that men produce to naturally aid them in attracting potential mates. However, while this substance is extremely sexual, it has also been proven to be aggressive and off-putting in some situations.

So, what does this mean? Too much of this substance can actually push away the very person that the user was trying to bring closer to them. This is not to say that androstenone never works. However, it usually has the effect of creating intense emotions of either magnetism or repulsion. While it still has a chance of yielding the desired effect, this isn’t a risk most men want to take!

senual couple kissingThe Unique Evolve XS Solution

Using specific molecules that have been proven to counter the negative and aggressive reactions that come with a high concentration of androstenone, Evolve XS allows its users to enjoy all the advantages that come from the pheromone.

This negates any of the adverse effects that causes so many products to not work as advertised.

The formula has been designed so that anyone is able to use it in their daily life! High school students can wear it to school dances just as effectively as senior citizens can wear it in their daily lives.


Each bottle of Evolve XS contains 10 mL of spray with the primary ingredients including:

  • Androstenone
  • man touching women lying on bedAndrostanone
  • Alpha-Androstenol
  • Beta-Androstenol
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Allo-THDOC
  • ESTratetraenol
  • Dipropylene Glycol

How to Use Evolve XS

Evolve XS is most effective when applied to clean dry skin. Works best when applied to pulse points on your body. Most men find spraying it on their wrists, neck or chest gets the best result. It can also be applied to other areas such as inside elbows or behind your knees.

couple talkingHowever, these areas are sometimes covered by clothing which inhibits diffusion of the pheromone molecules. It can be applied to hair or clothing but loses some of its effectiveness when worn there. Many men apply it to their genital area but extreme caution should be utilized when doing so.

How Long Will Evolve XS Last?

Typically, Evolve XS will last 6 to 8 hours when applied to clean dry skin. The environment will affect this duration though. If you live in a hot climate and perspire heavily it won’t last as long because the sweat dilutes the formula. Dancing in a warm nightclub will have the same affect.

What Does Evolve XS Smell Like?

Evolve XS is made from synthetic concentrated body odors, so it’s not pleasant scent. The company ships it unscented when purchased for those who want to use their own cologne with it. They offer 5 unique cover scents to chose from at no additional cost if you prefer.

women wearing red shoesThe company strongly advises using a cologne while wearing it. The cologne doesn’t just mast the scent but it also helps with diffusion. The cologne helps lift the pheromone molecules off your body causing stronger more powerful results.

How Much Does Evolve XS Cost?

The 10 mL spray bottle of Evolve XS sales for $37.97. If money is not a concern the 30 mL bottle is a better value. It sells for $69.97 which virtually gets you 10 mL for free.

What Can You Expect From Wearing Evolve XS?

Evolve XS is designed to be worn at night and is most effective when used in sexually charged environments such as parties, nightclubs and dances. You will find women more flirtatious and wanting to be intimate with you.

women holding man The reviews from men who used Evolve XS all indicate they had more sex. Whether they were with a new women they just met or with their wife of many years.

Is Evolve XS Guaranteed To Work?

Yes, PheromoneXS is confident you will like their product so they offer an Iron Clad Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can simply return it within 45 days. They will either allow you to choose another product or they will refund your money minus shipping charges. They handle all returns within 15 days with no questions asked.

Pros and Cons:


  • It Works!: You might be surprised when wearing this to work how the usually strictly businesslike receptionist is suddenly uncharacteristically chatty with you, or that random strangers are happy to strike up a conversation with you in line at the supermarket! In short, this stuff just works. It makes people friendlier and more socially responsive to you as well!
  • blond women looking at cameraCost: The price of a bottle of Evolve XS is only $37.97. This is a great price for a pheromone product.
  • Cover Scent: Evolve XS offers 5 cover scents you can chose from at the time you place your order. You can also order it unscented and use your own cologne.
  • Free Shipping: Evolve XS offers free anywhere shipping. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Iron Clad Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can return it within 45 days for a full refund, no questions asked. If you do not like the fragrant or expected a different result, you can also exchange your order for a different fragrance. This is an exceptional guarantee most companies do not offer.
  • Pheromone Content: Evolve XS has 37.90 Mg per 10 mL bottle. This is one of the highest pheromone concentrations sold.


  • The Smell: As you may have anticipated if you know anything about pheromones, these are synthetic concentrated body odors and as a result, do not give off a very pleasant smell. However, this is no big deal, as a fragrance or cologne is all it generally takes to help mask the odor. If you don’t already own a cologne you’d like to use with it, while the product is usually shipped out in an unscented form, 5 cover scents are offered—but your favorite cologne that you already own will work just as well.
  • Ingredients: Unfortunately some ingredients are subject to restrictions in Australia and substitutions were used to maintain compliance.
  • Usage: The makers of Evolve XS only recommend it for night time use.

couple lying on bedEvolve XS Pheromone Review – The Verdict

In terms of pheromone products on the market designed to help men appear more attractive to women, this one is an excellent choice. Women are noticeably more friendly, sociable, and responsive overall when you wear this product!

While certainly not a replacement for charming a girl altogether, it’s great to help you get your foot in the door and start off the conversation right!


Frequently Ask Questions:

Why is Evolve XS referred to as the sexual pheromone?

Evolve XS is called the sexual pheromone because of its strong pheromone content. Each bottle has an astounding 37.90 mg of pheromones.

Is Evolve XS better as a pheromone oil or a spray?

Evolve XS was designed as a powerful sexual pheromone product and is effective as a spray or oil product. The oil solution is recommended for warm climates, whereas the spray works great in any temperature.

Is Evolve XS better suited for day or night use?

Evolve XS is specifically designed for night time use. Recommended for sexually charged environments such as parties and nightclubs.