API XS Pheromone Oil For Men Review

api xs pheromone oil for menIf you’re looking for API XS pheromone oil For Men Reviews, please read my in-depth review which was Updated January 2024. My product reviews will answer all of your questions.

The API XS Pheromone Oil was designed to create opportunity for men. When used appropriately, the product will help men be in the position of power. Although this exclusive pheromone oil won’t make a man a Roman Emperor, the product will definitely give the vibe of one.

In everyday life, the product will greatly enhance the perception that other people have of you. Because of this powerful feature, the oil should be used wisely. Only men who are serious about wanting to create opportunity should pursue this amazing product.


How Pheromones Work

There is evidence to suggest that men and women have a unique signal to attract romantic partners.

According to much research, pheromones work by emitting subconscious signals about your gender to the people nearby. Such signals are sent to the hypothalamus to prompt arousal within potential mates. To influence the behavior of other people, pheromones are secreted outside the body.

Blond women in blue bathing suit with loving eyesDespite many skeptics, pheromones do actually work. In a variety of instances, pheromones have been proven to have an effect on human emotion.

How To Use API XS Pheromones

For the best results, men should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the product’s label when using the oil. If the product is not used correctly, men won’t be able to release the oil’s power.

Men should apply two to three drops to clean dry skin. Usually applied to the neck or chest area works best. Works day or night for any occasion. After applying the oil appropriately, the results of the product should last six to eight hours.

Is The Scent Favorable?

Women dressed in lingerie on top of man lying on bedThe product is available in many unique cover scents which you can select at the time of purchase. These distinct scents include fresh musk, sultans oud, adventus, acqua di gio, cool water, le male, spice bomb, fxs, pepper nutmeg, and nobility.

Men know themselves best. That’s why the manufacturers let their customer’s determine the specific cologne that they should wear. Because pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors, they are typically not pleasant smelling.

In order to mask the natural scent of the oil, the manufacturer advised customers to wear a cologne or fragrance when using the product. Due to the fact that the product is made with Advanced Diffusion Technology ADT, men will receive consistent results regardless if they use a cologne or fragrance with the oil.

How Much Does It Cost?

Women offering herself to man due to the affects of pheromonesThe great news is that this pheromone oil is extremely affordable. The cost of the product is only $79.97. The attractive cover scents are available with no extra charge. There is a limited availability of specialty scents.

Is It Likely To Help Attract Women?

The API XS Pheromone Oil For Men will definitely help men attract many women. According to one API XS Pheromone Oil Review, the customer noticed that more ladies were flirting with him after two weeks of application.

Another API XS Pheromone Oil Review states that he is still using the product two years later! After reading many reviews of the product, it’s clear that the oil really does work!

How Long Has The Product Been On The Market?

Beautiful women dressed in red lingeriePheromone XS was established in 2011 marketing pheromone products. The API XS Pheromone Oil For Men has been on the market since 2013. Because the product has been on the market for a while, there is no doubt that the oil has been useful for many men.

What To Expect When Using This Product?

When men use this oil, they should expect to grab the attention from women. In fact, ladies will just walk right up and start a conversation with you no matter where you are.

One of the best things about this product is that results happen fast. Just make sure you use the product as directed. Follow the directions on the manufacturer’s label.

Compared To Other Popular Pheromone Oils

Couple embracing each other As compared to other popular pheromone colognes on the market, this product cannot be beat. Not only is the product available at a great price point, but it also offers favorable cover scents that any men will enjoy.

If the customer is not completely satisfied with the product, the manufacturers even offer a 45 day guarantee. So why would a person not want to try this product? The shipping and handling is free first class to anywhere in the US on qualifying orders.

Contrary to similar products on the market, this oil actually works. There are so many reviews to support this claim.

Along with the effectiveness of the product, many customers loved that the oil is extremely concentrated. This means that the product will last a long time, (8 to 10) hours if two to three drops are applied.


seductive womanProduct Ingredients

The product is made with great ingredients including Androsterone, Beta Androstenol, Androstenone, Beta-THDOC, and Beta Androstanol. These are all designed to help attract women faster and more efficiently.

The product follows good manufacturing process and is regulated by the FDA. It is made in an approved facility. Each bottle of API has 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz of highly concentrated pheromones.

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Is It FDA Certified?

This Pheromone Oil For Men is currently FDA certified. The manufacturers plan to get the product more certifications in the near future.

API XS Pheromone Oil Review – Conclusion


After much research, it’s clear that this product is one of the best pheromones for men. Many men love that the product has help them attract women virtually anywhere including work, school, and the grocery store.

The product is recommended for any men who want to have extreme power in the dating scene. Regardless of a man’s current situation, he will not regret purchasing this product to significantly elevate his dating game.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Is API XS Pheromone Oil recommended for use at social gathering?

Yes, API XS Pheromone Oil is recommended for use at social gatherings. Especially if the gathering is a relaxed setting with free flowing conversation.

Does API XS Pheromone Oil have good reviews?

API XS Pheromone Oil does have good product reviews. Most of the reviews have a 5 star rating and overall a 90% customer approval rating.

Can I get free samples of API XS Pheromone Oil?

Yes, you can get free samples of API XS Pheromone Oil. PheromoneXS offers free samples of all of their products, however, you must purchase one of their products at its regular price in order to receive a free sample.