Do Teenagers Produce Stronger Pheromones?

When we are teenagers, our bodies are just out of control. It’s funny how we can be so insecure and awkward and at the same time impulsive and wild when meeting someone we like from the other sex. It feels like the sex drive is unstoppable.

This is puberty. The hormones are all over the place and it’s like they are growing explosively. As teenagers, we just can’t be satisfied. It continues into the early 20’s and then it really flattens out. It flattens out too much.

Many people miss the sexual energy they had in adolescent years. Increasing your pheromone levels to what they were as a teenager helps. To be able to do that, we have to determine what teenagers have that adults don’t.

dominate womenThe first signs of attraction are usually noticing that you like how the other person smells. As an increasing amount of adults are frustrated by the lack of partners, looking at teenagers and their stronger pheromones, is a source of inspiration and answers.


Animal attraction

Smell is an almost magical sense. It is a great source of memory but more importantly, it’s the sense that is perhaps the most prevalent when it comes to attraction, sex, and love. Just notice how people use perfume to attract others.

As teenagers and young adults like the smell of the pillow after a lover has spent the night. Women love to wear a man’s t-shirt when he’s not around. The smell makes us feel safe, attracted and at home, all in the arms of the person we are into.

So how come that is so strong in teenage years and flattens out later? One would think the reason is grown-ups are less sexually active is because the impulsiveness of the teenage years is gone. We are more rational as adults and we don’t let our bodies make decisions for us. But is it all in the mind?

couple playing on beachBecause it really does seem like the body is making the decisions for you at a certain age. So what happens in the body? Everyone knows that the hormone production is growing from around twelve-thirteen years of age and that it doesn’t stabilize until around 20.

How does it work?

“Pheromone” comes from the Greek word “ferein”, meaning “carry” and “hormone”. Pheromones are chemical substances that are freed from one organism to the surroundings and which affects other individuals of the same species.

Pheromones have an effect even in very small amounts. They are also called neurotransmitters and are messengers in many chemical communication systems in animals. Pheromones can be triggering and inducing.

The triggering pheromones

The triggering pheromones work directly on the receiver’s nerve system. This is where there commonly are specific receptor molecules for the pheromones and make an immediate reaction. Animals use it by leaving traces of their pheromones out in nature to mark territory, or lead others to them in mating season.

romantic couple kissingThe inducing pheromones

The inducing pheromones lead to changes in the receiver, for a long period of time. In the worlds of social insects, like ant and bees, the queen releases such pheromones to regulate the social structure in their society.

Attraction: pure instinct?

It can be a little complicated to understand what in scientific and medicinal terms. To put in a simpler way, pheromones are in a way smells that leave our bodies and float through the air until they reach someone’s nose and stimulates the nerves in it.

The signals move to the brain and give a signal of attraction. It is no secret that teenagers produce stronger hormones than adults, but could it be that they also produce stronger pheromones? If so, can we find out how and use to help adults sex and love life?

pheromone ingredientsAs humans try to figure out why we are like we are and how we act as we do, interesting questions come up. Perhaps the most interesting of all, a question that continues to captivate so many, is: what aspects of our behavior is decided by instinct and not by the mind?

This leads to another question: what can we do if we identify the aspects of our behavior that are controlled by instincts? It is not controversial to say that it leads to new possibilities.

Scientific studies

Pheromones have been debated among scientists since they first were discovered. Scientists worldwide have been trying to find out what exactly they are, how they are constructed and what their effect and evolutionary purpose is.

The most recent and clear results of scientific experiments and research on pheromones was conducted in a collaboration of universities in Minnesota and China. To put it briefly, their conclusion is that pheromones control our perception of who we think are hot.

couple taking a showerOne of many tests the researchers did showed that heterosexual men recognize the smell of heterosexual women, while homosexual men recognize the smell of other men. However, this only worked if the research objects were in search of a sexual potential partner.

The chemical signals change our social perception and this happens completely unconsciously. A professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, professor Wen Zhou, states that the results strongly imply the existence and effect of human pheromones.

Can sweat be sexy?

Sweat has more than one function in our bodies. Yes, it helps us regulate the body temperature. It also cleans skin pores and releases substances from our body. Just think about this for a moment: when a stranger has sweat stains on the back of his or her t-shirt on the subway, you find it repulsive.

sweaty coupleThe way it looks and smells is disgusting to you. Now, when you think someone is hot. Sweat is like an aphrodisiac and can be very attractive for a woman if she finds the man appealing. The smell of men’s sweat is more dominant than women’s.

As we know, perhaps too well, teenage boys sweat a lot and the smell is much stronger than in adult men. This is the pheromones working. The teenage boy’s body is producing so many strong pheromones and that is the reason behind the smell. Girls respond to this and their sex drive is increased just like boys’.

A solution to low libido

Sweat and other bodily odors do not sound sexy at all, but its importance is impossible to ignore. By really looking at how teenagers smell differently than adults, we have insight into why their libido is so high and how we can reach it.

We may wonder how teenagers produce stronger pheromones and why adults do not when obviously the sexual life is even more important in the grown-up stage of our lives. A reason for this could be that evolution simply hasn’t caught up yet and we need to find a solution to produce stronger pheromones in the meantime.

man discouraged due to low libido

There is now little room left to doubt that pheromones cause a smell detectable to our bodies and at the same time unnoticeable to us. Smell leads to sexual attraction, it even decides who we are attracted to.

Teenager produces stronger pheromones and this is linked to their high libido. Adult struggling to attract the opposite sex will benefit from releasing stronger pheromones.