How Pheromones Can Enhance Your Personal Growth

What’s your game plan for when something isn’t quite working, such as a relationship (or lack thereof), a job, a social gathering, or even your health? How do you do take a stagnant or dead-end pursuit and turn it into a personal strength, an opportunity, or a practical growth experience, so you can ultimately move beyond the limits of your past? Find your answers in this Updated 2024 article!

Pheromones can be used for far more than an instant “boost” of charm and attraction.

No, they’re not a magical silver bullet that solves all your problems, but you’d be cutting yourself short if you didn’t use them to create positive, lifelong changes in your personality. I’ll share a pretty straightforward process that I use to recondition my thoughts and behaviors with the help of pheromones.  One that’s served me well over the years and is easy to implement.


Identify the Areas in Your Life That Need Attention

intimate coupleThe first step is to look at the parts of your life that aren’t working. It’s likely that certain aspects of your life are under control while others are out of alignment with what you wish to be experiencing. Everyone has room to improve so it’s important you be honest with yourself as you uncover the areas you need to focus on most.

Keeping a journal is a great way to do this. All you need is some paper, a pen, and time to write. If you already know the problem area you’d like to focus on improving then I suggest you stick to that. See if you can come up with 3-5 specific problems that all fall under the same category.

Elevate Your Feelings and Feedback with Pheromones

Once you’ve done the journalism exercise you’ll want to find a pheromone product that’s “above your thinking”. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this is to get you to rise to the challenge. But you’d be surprised how effective it can be as disrupting old patterns of behavior.

Your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions are always working in tandem to help you survive. Being the social creatures that we are, you can bet the feedback you get from your environment has an ENORMOUS influence on the person you become.

couple kissing

So what does this all really mean? How do you reap those positive, lifelong benefits I mentioned earlier?

To put it simply, pheromones serve as a catalyst for personal growth by changing your feelings.

With different feelings come different behaviors. Both from you and as feedback from those around you. It’s this positive feedback loop that shakes things up. Which gives you the opportunity to elevate your thinking, take more calculated risks and grow into the person you aspire to be.

If you’re anything like me, this will surely mean becoming a more outgoing, flirtatious and dominant man. That’s exactly what pheromones have helped me to do.

Catapult Yourself Into New Territory

pretty womenThere’s room to debate why pheromones are so effective at accelerating one’s personal growth. We already touched on the fact that they influence your feelings, however, there are at least two other reasons we haven’t discussed.

1. Increased exposure to novelty

If you’re using pheromone products you’re likely to step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis and that’s where all the best practical growth experiences are found. No one uses pheromones and then sits at home to binge watch a season of Stranger Things. You just don’t.

2.  Increased self-reflection and affirmation

You’ve spent your hard earned money on a high-end product; so naturally, you want to make sure you’re seeing results. And the only way to measure that is to pay attention. When you’re wearing pheromones and you’re “out in the trenches”, you’re hyper-aware of how people respond to your words and actions.

handsome coupleIf you notice better than usual results, you make a quick mental note of it and affirm that with or without the product, this is how people should normally behave towards you. Over time, your affirmations will instill the overall “vibe” of the pheromone you’re using.

These small, deliberate actions won’t transform your life overnight but they do accumulate.

I wasn’t always as outgoing, charismatic, or confident as I am now. Much of my success in life wouldn’t have been possible if pheromones hadn’t helped me get the ball rolling.

When you’re stuck in a rut, having a plan ensures you don’t wallow in your problems for too long and sometimes all we need is a little push.

dominate women

Of course, everyone wants to know if it’s even necessary to use pheromones in the first place. Can’t you just skip that step and get right to kicking ass and taking names?

Sure, but then the question then becomes… why haven’t you?

Take a look at my Best Pheromones For Men page if you’re ready to explore what pheromones can do for you.