5 Ways To Spot A Fake Pheromone Scam Product

When you are in the market for a pheromone product that can help you attract the opposite sex, you need to be aware that the market is filled with ripoffs. While there are plenty of great products available for you to choose between, you need to also be aware of some sure fire signs that you are about to get ripped off.

As opposed to taking recourse afterward, the best thing that you can do is steer clear of these scams to begin with. To put yourself in a better position to do this, read on and learn about these signs that a pheromone product is not worth the container that it is bottled in.


5 Ways To Know That A Pheromone Product is a Ripoff

sensuous couple on bed#1: Their product page is very sales oriented and gimmicky

One of the biggest giveaways that a product is a scam in any industry is every page is very over-the-top, gimmicky and sales oriented. Think about it, if you were going to purchase something credible on Amazon or from Walmart, would they be using glowing font and large bold text with outrageous sales language?

Since this product is related to the health and medical field, you should hold these companies to even stricter standards. So if something seems gimmicky, definitely make your alarm system go up.

#2: They don’t list any credible scientific studies

Because pheromones deal with biology, never purchase any product that does not list scientific studies. The study should be done by a credible researcher and should be laid out clearly for you to know where to go to double check the information. If the company does not offer this, keep looking.

lady in red#3: The claims are outrageous and potentially bogus

Read very clearly what the company is saying about their product. It should be grounded in reality and serious medical claims. If you see a company claiming impossible things like every woman that you cross paths with will fall at your feet by wearing this pheromone oil, you should be incredibly skeptical and steer clear entirely.

#4: The prices are ridiculous

Scammers can’t get everybody, so they often inflate their prices to make huge profits even if they get just a few people. Because of this, you should gauge the prices that you find with each company to see what appears to be normal.

If they are asking way too much or if you feel like you are really having to dig into your pockets to even be able to afford their product, this is a red flag and you should consider looking elsewhere. Make sure that you look into reviews of the product as well to see if people are saying whether or not it is worth the money.

women pleasuring herself#5: The details don’t add up after you do a little bit of digging

Never just take any company’s word for it when you’re choosing to do business with them. This goes double because you are buying a product that is based on scientific evidence.

Make sure that you research every claim. Never spend a single cent with them until you can verify these claims. Doing this ahead of time will give you an opportunity to know what you are getting and will also make sure that you are being wise and not spending your money frivolously.

Think about these tips the next time that you are researching a pheromone oil, spray, cologne or any other product. When looking at these items objectively, you’ve probably already seen many of these ploys already.

Sometimes it is hard to determine whether a product is a rip off or not, but when you weigh out these points, this is a good foundation to begin with.

So if you happen to be browsing the web for any of these products, make sure that you absolutely steer clear of any product or company that is guilty of these things. Doing so will save you the trouble of doing business with a scammer and will make sure that you are only spending your money on quality products.

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