Flirt XS Pheromone Spray Review

Flirt XS Pheromone Spray

Updated January 2024. Flirt XS Pheromone Spray is considered one of the best pheromones on the market. The makers claim this spray can help you to socialize and allow others to see you as a fun, easygoing person. Because we found so many bad Flirt XS Pheromone Spray Reviews, we decided to write a quality review for you.

We examined this product to determine if these bold statements were true or misleading. In this Flirt XS pheromone spray review, we examined the scientific evidence and real user results to determine if Flirt XS really worked as promised, this is what we found.


How Does Flirt XS Work?

As someone who is reading about Flirt XS, you are likely already familiar with pheromones. Flirt XS works just the same as other products, the pheromones in the spray are chemical signals that can alter a person’s mood and the people around them.

blond women in black and red lingerieFlirt XS pheromone spray is intended to help you thrive in social settings. You can wear it during the day or at night to coffeehouses, clubs, parties, bars, other social events, and even to school or work. Its effects are not seductive like some pheromone products and instead emit a sense of playfulness and flirtatiousness.

People often question the legitimacy of pheromones, but their effects have been studied and proven. Later on, we will discuss exactly what ingredients are in a bottle of Flirt XS and how they work together to produce their effects.

How to Use Flirt XS

Flirt XS is part of PheromoneXS’ “Unisexy Pheromone” line, meaning it is intended for both men and women. You’ll want to spray it on the warmest parts of your body (such as your inner wrists, neck, and inner elbows).

Men might also want to focus on areas such as the chest, lower jaw, and shoulder whereas women should focus behind the ears and knees. If you are new to pheromones, start off with 1 spray. 2-3 spritzes are recommended for those who are more comfortable with the effects of the spray.

sensual coupleIt is important to note that bottles of Flirt XS come unscented. You could wear it without a cover scent, but like with other top rated pheromones, Flirt XS has a powerful, overwhelming, and frankly unpleasant smell. If you wear Flirt XS by itself, you likely won’t see its promised effects.

When you purchase a bottle through the PhermoneXS website, you have the option to choose a cover scent. The cover scents smell great and perfectly mask the unpleasant scent of Flirt XS by itself.

Cover Scents for Men:

  • Fresh Musk
  • Pepper Nutmeg
  • Acqua Di Gio
  • Le Male
  • sensual couple lying on white bedNobility
  • Cool Water
  • Sultans Oud
  • FXS
  • Aventus
  • Spice Bomb

Cover Scents for Women:

  • AXS
  • Le Chocolat
  • Pink Sugar
  • Amber Rose
  • Sexy Amber
  • Jasmine Vanilla
  • beautiful women lying on white carpetSweet Sensations
  • JAdore
  • Flower Bomb

If you don’t care for these fragrances, or already have your go-to perfume or cologne, Flirt XS will work great with any cover scent.

How Long Does Flirt XS Last?

1-3 spritzes per application might not seem like enough, but you will be pleasantly surprised by its longevity. Flirt pheromone spray, whether applied during the day or at night, should last you about 6-8 hours. This number will depend on factors such as the climate you live in, your body chemistry, how much you sweat, etc.

When the spray starts to wear off, you will start to feel its effects fade away gradually and gently. Even though it is powerful enough to last for 6-8 hours, it’s also not overwhelming. Unlike some pheromone sprays, Flirt XS won’t result in headaches, crashes, or letdowns at the end of the day/night.

romantic couple kissingIf you apply as directed, a 30mL bottle of Flirt XS will last quite a while. This can help offset the cost as you won’t have to invest in pheromones again for at least several months.

Ingredient Overview: What’s Inside a Bottle of Flirt XS?

So what exactly is inside a bottle of Flirt XS? This is a great question, as we all want to be aware of what we are putting on our bodies. Examining the ingredients also helps to determine if Flirt XS actually works and truly is one of the best pheromones available.

In a bottle of Flirt XS, you will find:

  • Alpha-AndrosteNOL. Produced naturally in both men and women, Alpha-AndrosteNOL has a musky fragrance resembling sandalwood with hints of sweet vanilla. It takes the edge off of Androstenone and other more aggressive hormones, making users appear friendly, social, and comforting. It also has a subtle sex appeal, contributing to the “flirt” part of Flirt XS.
  • man wearing blue jeans holding womenBeta-AndrosteNOL. This is the slightly deeper counterpart to Alpha-AndrosteNOL. Beta-AndrosteNOL facilitates a sense of trust and offers a sense of comfort, giving people the ability to have meaningful conversations with people they might not know that well.
  • ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (ALLO-THDOC). This pheromone makes a person less inhibited, opening them up to people, new ideas, conversations, and experiences.
  • Dipropylene Glycol and Alcohol Denat (SD40B). These don’t have any effects on chemical signaling. Rather, they act as solvent ingredients in the spray.

What to Expect from Using Flirt XS?

While wearing Flirt XS, expect to be constantly approached. The pheromones make you appear fun and free-spirited, allowing others to want to talk to you. They can be themselves around you and let down their guard. Your newfound charisma will open doors to new friendships and even possible romantic relationships.

If you are often regarded as a shy or intimidating person, Flirt XS will work wonders for you. You will appear much softer, making it easier for others to approach you. This can be great in environments such as at work where you might need help being a little more carefree and easy going.

women in the throes of orgasmComparing Flirt XS to the Competition

Other pheromone sprays are more aggressive, designed to increase one’s social status or sex appeal. Flirt XS, on the other hand, is intended to be a fun, playful blend that will increase your confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. Some other differences from the competition include:

  • Higher user satisfaction rate. Reviews are consistently positive with users reporting that significantly more people approached them.
  • Safe ingredients. All products from PheromoneXS are produced in an FDA-approved facility and are thoroughly researched and tested.
  • Oil blends vs sprays. Pheromones are often sold as either oil blends or sprays. Sprays are effective in most environments whereas oil blends require a warmer climate to effectively disperse. If you live where the weather is constantly cool or moderate, you should definitely use a spray over an oil blend.

sensual couple kissing on beach

How Much Does Flirt XS Cost?

On the PheromoneXS website, a 30mL bottle of Flirt XS is normally $113.91. Currently, it is on sale for $69.97 (a 38.6% savings). As previously mentioned, the bottle will last you a while, making it well worth the price.

Flirt XS comes with PheromoneXS’ “Iron Clad Guarantee”. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results, simply return the bottle and receive your entire purchase price back.

The Iron Clad Guarantee also covers your satisfaction with cover scents. If the cover scent you chose isn’t what you expected or you simply don’t like the fragrance, you can exchange your order for another fragrance.

The Final Verdict: Pros and Cons


  • Makes you social and likable
  • women in the throes of orgasmSoftens your image
  • Only 1-3 spritzes needed
  • Available with many cover scents
  • Lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Designed for men and women
  • Work well in most environments
  • Made with safe ingredients in FDA-approved lab
  • Iron Clad Guarantee


  • On the pricier end
  • Very potent smell

Flirt XS Pheromone Spray Review

beautiful women wearing red dressIn short, Flirt XS is definitely worth the price. Its claims of instant charm and likability hold up, supported by scientific evidence and real users experiences. I personally purchased and tried Flirt XS and could instantly tell it worked.

I was approached more often than usual and found myself engaged in conversations I usually don’t have. If you want to appear more social and have others come up to you at events, Flirt XS is definitely for you. I highly recommend this pheromone product; it’s one of my personal favorites.


Frequently Ask Questions:

What is the difference between Flirt XS pheromone oil and Flirt XS pheromone spray?

Flirt XS pheromone spray is based in perfumers alcohol and the oil is based in Dipropylene Glycol. The spray quickly diffuses compared to the oil which is slower acting.

Does Flirt XS use animal pheromones?

No, Flirt XS is not made with animal pheromones. PheromoneXS does not use animal pheromones in any of their products.

Will Flirt XS work to attract both men and women?

Flirt XS is a Unisexy pheromone which can be worn by men or women. It will attract both sexes, where that leads to is up to you.