PherX Pheromone Cologne Review

pherx pheromone spray

PherX Pheromone Cologne for Men is not as commonly known as other pheromone colognes on the market. However, it has been around for a while and has some loyal fans. In this Updated January 2024 pheromone cologne review, we’ll look at the scientific data, user reports, and our research to find out if it actually works to attract women.

Like other similar pheromone cologne products, it promises to boost your sex appeal. Whether you are gay or straight, into men or women (or both), this oil is meant to increase your desirability. But does it work as promised?

In our PherX Pheromone Review, we considered how the product works, how long it lasts, ingredients, and some pros and cons. Our findings are below. In the end, it will ultimately be up to you if this pheromone cologne is worth the hype.

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How Does It Work?

According to PherX, The Science of Attraction, they are the most effective pheromone cologne on the market. They claim to use pure human pheromones. If you’re searching for information about this product, it’s safe to assume you are a pheromone user or you know what pheromone spray is.

But, just for a quick recap, pheromone cologne products are natural sex attractants. They use or mimic pheromones from humans. We naturally release hormones or pheromones when we sweat.

These hormones enter through the nasal cavity and trigger chemical signals in the brain, that stimulate sexual attraction and encourage emotional connections. Essentially, they are part of what makes us attracted to other humans.

women with red shoesWhen your brain processes these scent signals, it releases a different chemical that encourages dopamine production. That’s why people feel attracted to each other – it’s all about the dopamine.

When the person you’re hoping to attract smells your pheromone spray, they will get a surge of dopamine and feel compelled to approach you.

How to Use Product

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t give much information on how to apply their product. Most of their competitors actively encourage their pheromone users to apply the product in specific areas or a certain number of sprays for the desired effect.

The most you can glean from the product website says to apply it like cologne. They do have a video of someone applying it as one would cologne, but it isn’t very clear on specifics. Other pheromone companies usually have this information readily available, so unfortunately, they dropped the ball here. In the end, it’s up to you how you interpret “apply like cologne.”

couple on white bed spreadHow Long Does It Last?

It’s difficult to determine how long this product lasts. The manufacturers do claim that the product remains on your skin for 24 to 48 hours – if you don’t bathe. The chances of attracting someone without using good hygiene, is poor.

In other Best Pheromones for Men reviews, you would be hard-pressed to find one that lists PherX as an option. They simply provide too little information to help potential customers figure out if it will work for them. Typical pheromone cologne companies list how long the product lasts under many different conditions – but not this one.

Ingredient Overview: What’s Inside The Bottle?

This product uses four different pheromones to attract females and a few proprietary compounds made by the company. Each bottle has 18 mg of pheromones. Here are the four they use:

  • romantic couple kissingAndrostadienone – A pheromone that affects the mood and emotions of gay men and straight women.
  • Androstenol – This one is a steroid.
  • Androstenone – It works as an aphrodisiac and boosts the libido.
  • Androsterone  Pheromone – This particular compound affects masculinity. It’s meant to make women more attracted to men.

What to Expect from Using PherX

There have been some favorable reviews, with users saying it helped their love life. According to the product’s website, these are a few things you can expect from using their product.

  • Increased communication from women (or men, for gay men) – They say this means anything from smiles to eye contact, etc
  • Increased sexual activity – with more people or with your current partner, whatever your intention is
  • More passionate sex
  • sensual couple Respect from other men
  • A boost in self-confidence
  • Better professional relationships

Most reviews say they noticed an increase in attention from potential partners/their partner. They also claimed an increase in self-confidence. As for the rest, the reviews were mixed making it difficult to determine its accuracy.

Comparing PherX to the Competitors

It seems like this product does work, to an extent and it sells for a small price. The potency of PherX is questionable because they only use four main ingredients and don’t list their amounts. Most competitors use seven or more pheromone ingredients and provide a detailed list of their quantities. These competitors also offer more information and research.

women on bedThe biggest thing working against them is the lack of information. Most PherX pheromone reviews lack information regarding how much to apply. No one has ever really said how long it lasts or detailed the effects it had.

Many users do say that it had a positive effect on their love life. So ultimately, it works as intended. Still, the lack of important information knocks it down a few pegs compared to its competitors.

How Much Does It Cost?

So the important questions, aside from if it works: How much does it cost, and is it worth it?

PherX is cheaper than most other pheromone colognes. One bottle costs $39.95, and each bottle is available in one-ounce sizes. The website also offers a deal in which you buy two and get one bottle free. If used sparingly, a one-ounce bottle of this love potion can last quite a while. So it’s cheaper than most pheromone products and offers pretty good deals.

women sleeping on bedPherX Guarantee

They also have a 60-day guarantee, which some other brands don’t offer. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can send them back for a full refund, minus shipping and handling. Shipping costs $5.99 for USPS Priority.

The Verdict: Pro and Cons

Is PherX the magic love/sex potion it claims to be? Should you give it a shot? To determine the answer for you, here are some final pros and cons:


  • Price – It is relatively affordable, especially in comparison to others. At $39.95 for a one-Oz bottle and $5.99 for priority shipping, it is much cheaper than other, more popular versions.
  • attractive women in red dressTheir guarantee – The 60-day, money-back guarantee is a good safety net. Some brands don’t offer that kind of guarantee.
  • Dependable – The PherX brand has existed since 2002. It appears they have reviewer trustworthiness established.
  • Customer Service – We didn’t find any customer reviews complaining about their service.


  • Lack of information – Little to no information on the product detail pages on how to use their product.
  • Pheromones Ingredients – They only use four, and they don’t tell you how much of each one they use. Most companies use at least 7.
  • Customer Ratings – Most users gave a rating of 3 or less.

sensual coupleConclusion

Based on the information, PherX does work to attract women – to an extent and it sells for a cheap price. PherX isn’t as potent as its competitors, and the company is not as forthcoming with information.

I don’t recommend PherX Pheromones; there are far better superior pheromone colognes to try. I gave it a 3 star ratings when I tried it. If you’re on a tight budget and want to try it anyway, you can visit their store at They are based out of Henderson Nevada in the United States.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Is PherX just a mans pheromone cologne?

No, PherX is not just for men. They have a new version that is specially formulated to attract Men and Gay / Lesbian Women.

Does PherX offer discounts?

Yes, PherX offers discounts. They offer a 10% discount for signing up with them and you can save money by purchasing multiple bottles.

Are human pheromones used in this product?

No, under the science section of their web site they state they are not used in the production of PherX Pheromone Colognes.