Liquid Trust Review

Liquid Trust PheromoneLiquid Trust is a spray designed to evoke feelings of trust in people that the wearer encounters. It is sold by and can be found online at their website. Read our Updated January 2024 review to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Liquid Trust is recommended for situations in which the wearer would like to form a bond of trust with another person in either a professional or social setting. Vero Labs also offers a version of Liquid Trust called Enhanced Liquid Trust that utilizes pheromones in addition to oxytocin.

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How Does Liquid Trust Work?

Liquid Trust uses the hormone oxytocin which has been proven to promote bonding and closeness. It’s commonly referred to as the hormone of attachment.

Studies indicate oxytocin works with people in business and social settings to ease tension, lower stress and anxiety. These effects allow people to be more trusting and relaxed.

Ingredients In Liquid Trust:

The main ingredient in Liquid Trust is oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released into the brain when a person feels safe and trusting of another person.

It is present during childbirth, breastfeeding, and during sexual activity; it is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone.” This product is formulated to stimulate this process in the brains of people that approach or are near the person wearing this spray.

sensual couple kissingEnhanced Liquid Trust

Enhanced Liquid Trust uses oxytocin combined with the pheromones androstenone and androsterone. These pheromones are naturally present in humans and other animals during various social interactions, usually related to mating processes.

How to Apply Liquid Trust

Liquid Trust can safely be used on skin or fabric. Most users apply it to the wrists or neck area. One spray is recommended or you can use two sprays for optimal results.

How Long Does Liquid Trust Last?

women wearing black lingerieWhen applied as directed, it should stay in effect for between two and four hours. Besides oxytocin,  this spray contains purified water and SD alcohol, which serve to make it easier to apply. A bottle of Liquid Trust should last approximately two months.

How Much Does Liquid Trust Cost?

Liquid Trust is sold in a 1 ounce spray bottle. The average cost for a 1 ounce bottle is $49.95 for basic Liquid Trust and $79.95 for Enhanced Liquid Trust. However, basic Liquid Trust can also be purchased in a .25 ounce bottle for $29.95 directly from the Love-scent website.

What Can You Expect From Wearing Liquid Trust?

The manufacturers of Liquid Trust conducted studies on its affects. They found it helps individuals gain the trust of other people and enhance social responses. Studies also indicated it reduced stress and anxiety for the person wearing it and others who encountered them.

romantic couple kissing on beachThe reduced stress allows people to relax more in social settings which is the perfect recipe for emotional bonding. It was also noted subjects were more apt to take social risks which directly affected their romantic endeavors.

User Reviews

The general consensus of users seems to indicate that it might have a minor placebo effect rather than an actual chemical effect on others; some users indicated that they felt that simply wearing the product gave them greater confidence and led them to behave in a more socially aggressive manner that proved beneficial to them.

A few people believed that Liquid Trust had a legitimate effect on others and experienced increased professional and social benefits. One reviewer noticed a difference in her sales at her job. She also perceived an increased level of friendliness in both her boss and customers on days when she wore this spray. Another reviewer used this product on herself to facilitate emotional bonding with her adopted children and found it helpful in that application.

dark haired women lying on white bed


  • Odorless: Liquid Trust is odorless and can therefore be worn with your favorite perfume or cologne.
  • Application: Easy to use spray bottle.
  • Guarantee: Love-scent offers a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers. If a customer is dissatisfied for any reason, he or she can return the unused portion of the product for a full refund.
  • Cost: Liquid Trust sales for $29.95 per 1/4 Oz spray bottle. This is an excellent price.


  • Container: Some people said the size of the spray bottle was too small compared with other pheromone products.
  • Shipping Fee: There is a charge for shipping your order unless you purchase over $75.00 worth of product.
  • Respiratory Issue: One user complained of negative respiratory effects when using the product, although she admitted that she used more than directed. She also noticed a chemical smell when applying the product.

Liquid Trust Pheromone Review – Final Thoughts

While researching this product I found numerous Liquid Trust Reviews but none of them were in-depth and accurate. I decided to conduct my own review and believe it’s the most complete review you will find. I hope you liked it.

While the product might be a fun product to try, it does seem a bit pricey for the size offered. In 2005 a study by Paul J. Zak linked the hormone Oxytocin to feelings of trust in humans, so there is scientific evidence proving the ingredients in Liquid Trust work.

women in the throes of orgasmEnhanced Liquid Trust costs more than the basic Liquid Trust product but pheromones are known to affect social interactions in humans and are detected by smell.

The original Liquid Trust seems to work mainly by improving the social confidence of the user rather than by affecting or inducing any specific biological process.

I recommend this product if you’re wanting to improve your social status and are looking to gain friends. If you are wanting to improve sexual attraction, meet new lovers or spark your current relationship, there are better products on the market.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Can I get a free sample of Liquid Trust Pheromones?

No, Love-Scent the makers of Liquid Trust Pheromones do not provide free samples. Love-Scent offers sample packs of pheromone products for purchase if you want to try several products without spending a fortune.

Does Liquid Trust have high customer ratings?

Yes, Liquid Trust is rated very high by consumers. Most of the ratings are 5 Stars, however, there are some ratings that are 3 star or lower.

Will Liquid Trust work for elderly men to attract women?

Yes, Liquid Trust works the same for elderly men wanting to attract women.