Taboo XS Pheromone Review

Taboo XS pheromone spray for men

Does your dating life need a little help? Do you want an advantage when meeting and flirting with women? Consumers of the Taboo XS Pheromone Spray have noticed its positive effects on their romantic relationships.

Read on for an Updated January 2024 comprehensive review of Taboo XS Pheromone Spray for men.


How to Apply Taboo XS Pheromone Spray

The Taboo XS Pheromone spray isn’t the most powerful pheromone spray on the market, which makes it perfect for those new to pheromones. Learn how to apply this specific pheromone to get the most use out of it.

How Many Sprays Do I Need to Use?

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When you decide to apply this spray for the first time, start off with one spritz. Don’t over-do it. It can be difficult to backtrack if you’re on your way out the door for a fun-filled, flirtatious evening.

You can always apply more if needed. If one spray doesn’t do it for you, two to three should be enough. Try not to exceed four sprays, as this amount can produce an overwhelming and off-putting fragrance.

Where’s the Best Place to Apply this Pheromone Product?

When applying Taboo XS on your body, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Men spray this product on different areas of their bodies to optimize its results.

Pulse points are a common application site. These areas on your body that produce more heat than normal. Consider applying this pheromone spray to your body’s pulse points:

  • women caressing manWrists: Spray one wrist and transfer it to the other one by rubbing your wrists together.
  • Neck: Rub your wrists on your neck to apply the Taboo XS Pheromone spray. If you want a stronger effect, try spritzing your neck directly.
  • Behind the ears: Applying the spray to this area helps your dating game, especially if you expect to be close to your partner all night.
  • Inside of elbows or knees: Applying pheromone spray to these areas may seem unnatural. However, they can further increase your sex appeal. Spritz your elbows or knees when you’re wearing shorts or short-sleeve shirts that expose these areas.

Other Application Areas

  • Chest: Make your date want more of your hugs by applying the Taboo XS Pheromone spray directly to your chest!
  • romantic coupleAnkles and thighs: The ankles and thighs are more subtle application areas, so the scent won’t overwhelm your date. These areas are more common application sites for women, but you can make them work for you!
  • Hair: A small amount of this chemical substance in your hair can hold the attention of a romantic interest.
  • Pubis: Enhance your sex appeal by carefully applying this product to your pubis.
  • Clothing: If you’re hesitant about applying Taboo XS to your body, try spritzing some on your clothes! Your sleeves and collar are great application sites. Users haven’t experienced stains by using this product on their clothes. To ensure no problems arise, use very small amounts on expensive or delicate fabrics.

Everyone is different. Not everyone reacts to Taboo XS in the same way. This goes for the wearer and the subject of the wearer’s interest. Adjust the amount you apply and the area you apply to accordingly.

It might take a few nights out to get it right. But overall, base your use on your personal preferences and what you think your potential partner will like.

blond womenHow Long Does Taboo XS Last?

Users get a lot of use out of their 30mL Taboo XS Pheromone spray bottle. A 30mL bottle contains about 441 sprays. If you use two sprays a day, the bottle will last more than half a year.

As far as the product’s day-to-day performance, you can expect long-lasting effects. Users report the spray lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. This product’s persistence depends on:

  • The climate you live in
  • The environment you’re in
  • How much you sweat
  • Body chemistry
  • Where you apply it (pheromones persist longer on clothing)

women touching herselfIngredients

Taboo XS contains the best pheromones for men. Learn about the ingredients present in Taboo XS and how they help improve your dating game:

  • Research Molecule XSR32: The research molecule XSR32 establishes a sense of focus. Users report that it improves their stamina in exercise, which can make you seem more masculine and physically fit.
  • Androsterone: This hormone is associated with male dominance and a healthy sex drive. Its presence makes women see you as a reliable and protective partner.
  • Alpha-Androstenol: Alpha-Androstenol increases your appeal by giving you a sense of warmth, comfort, and sociability.
  • Androstadienone: This hormone is produced naturally in males. Wearing it on your body increases women’s sexual attraction towards you.

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What to Expect from Using Taboo XS

Taboo XS is a great investment that contains the best pheromones for men. The product will rejuvenate your romantic life. Discover the ways Taboo XS Pheromone spray for men can help you:

Increases your confidence

Does flirting with women make you nervous? Are you not yourself in the presence of romantic interests? This pheromone spray will handle these self-confidence issues! Increase your confidence and appear as the masculine leader.

The cologne also makes women more open to flirting with you. They are also more likely to initiate and return physical contact.

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Makes you smell better

The Taboo XS pheromone spray comes in many scents. PheromoneXS offers designer scents like Le Male and Acqua Di Gio. In-house limited scents, such as pepper nutmeg and fresh musk, are also available.

Be prepared to attract women with this pheromone product, and smell good while doing so.

Benefits your long-term relationship

Are you in a happy and committed relationship? You can still benefit from this cologne! Users have reported more passionate sex and revitalized emotional connections with this product in their lives.

How Does Taboo XS Compare to the Competition

man removing women's under garmetsThere are a lot of pheromone sprays out there. Some are designed for both men and women. While these pheromone products can be effective, the Taboo XS is designed specifically with men in mind. This product offers:

  • A 90% user satisfaction rate.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee.
  • A great pheromone spray to beginners.

The Price – Is Taboo XS Worth the Cost?

Right now, the Taboo XS 30mL bottle is on sale for $69.97 on PheromoneXS. The 10mL bottle currently goes for $37.97.

Investing in the 30mL bottle is a smart option. It will save you money in the long run. You’ll draw the attention of women everywhere you go without worrying about restocking your bottle.

Pros and Cons

When determining if this product is right for you, determine its pros and cons:

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  • Improves self-confidence
  • Comes in affordable 30 Ml bottle
  • Increases sexual appeal
  • Made in an FDA-approved facility
  • Long-lasting effects for up to 8 hours
  • Has undergone a proven scientific testing process to offer the best pheromones available
  • Makes sex more enjoyable for you and your partner


  • You need to choose a scent for this product as it smells bad on its own
  • May require multiple sprays to produce the most optimal results
  • Lower pheromone content than other products on the market

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Conclusion – Is Taboo XS Right for Me?

Taboo XS’s formula helps men increase their sexual appeal at a fraction of the cost of competing products. It is perfect for those looking for a boost in their sex appeal with a non-overpowering spray.

PheromoneXS, the maker of Taboo XS, is offering new customers a 10% discount on their products. Take advantage of this deal and get your bottle of Taboo XS today. I purchased and tried Taboo XS for myself, I recommend this product.

I found many Taboo XS Pheromone Spray For Men Reviews lacking detailed information. Therefore, I wrote this comprehensive product review. I hope you liked it.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Can I wear Taboo Pheromone Spray during the day while at work?

You can wear Taboo Pheromone Spray day or night, it is designed to work in all social settings.

How long does it take Taboo spray to work?

Taboo spray works immediately when applied. Alcohol is added for de-fusion which accelerates its effectiveness.

Does Taboo Pheromone Spray cause skin irritation?

Taboo Pheromone Spray does not cause irritation to skin when applied correctly.