Domination XS Pheromone Review

Domination XS Pheromone Oil for MenWhether you are just getting into the dating market or are a seasoned professional, you are likely looking for an edge that will change the game. If you would like to take your results to a whole new level, it’s time to consider the possible benefits of Domination XS pheromone oil.

There are many Domination XS Reviews on the web but none as detailed as this Updated January 2024 one. The manufacturer of Domination XS used the two most powerful pheromones to create a strong sexual pheromone which elicits raw animal magnetism and sexual prowess.

Wearing Domination XS will trigger an intense attraction response from the females with whom you interact. This guide will review the claims in addition to looking at pheromones and the role they play in human behavior. This information will assist you in making the best decision while searching for the best pheromone cologne.


Senual couple sitting on bedHow Pheromones Work

Before diving in and learning about Domination XS, it’s important you take some time to learn about pheromones and how they work. Pheromones are chemicals produced and released by the body that trigger certain responses in other people.

For example, people who are afraid of something release chemical messengers that alert others to the person’s state. While people won’t know why they feel as they do, smelling fear pheromones makes them afraid. In tribal days, this reaction alerted early humans to possible danger so that they could react in time.

Pheromones also play an interesting role in attraction. When a male has healthy levels of testosterone and is ready to mate, he gives off pheromones that trigger an attraction response in females.

Handsome man spraying pheromones on his chestHow to Use Domination XS

Using Domination XS the right way is vital if you would like to get the most from it. Rather than using the bottle and hoping for the best, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when taking action.

Pheromone oil blends are super concentrated and require a relatively hot environment. If you live in a cold climate a pheromone spray would be a better choice to use. Begin by placing one or two drops on clean skin for results that last up to 10 hours.

Since Domination XS pheromone oil is not scented, you should combine it with high-quality cologne to take your results to a new level. Some men opt to wear one drop on each wrist when they leave home. Others find that placing one drop on the neck and another on the chest offers impressive results. If you would like to uncover what approach works best for you, experiment with different areas of your body to reach your goal.

Bottles of pheromone ingredients in a laboratoryIngredient Details

This section goes into detail about the ingredients you will find in Domination XS. Androstenone, androstanone, dipropylene glycol and alcohol denat are the ingredients in this product. Androstenone is a steroidal pheromone and was the first hormone scientists found in mammals.

It triggers an intense attraction response in females. Males excrete it when they are in their prime and ready to find a mate. Androstanone is similar to androstenone but focuses more on triggering a social response in others, causing women to lower their guard and feel at ease.

Those pheromones work well together because they encourage women to feel much more social while also getting them in the mood. Dipropylene glycol and alcohol denat, work together to let the pheromone oil bind to the skin for long-lasting results on which you can depend. Each bottle of Domination XS contains 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz with a built in dropper. That’s 56 mg per bottle at 188 mcg per drop of super sexual masculine pheromones.

Man touching senual women lying on bedWhat to Expect From Domination XS

At this point, you are probably wondering what you should expect when you use Domination XS. Learning what will likely happen and what experiences you could have helps you decide if it’s an investment worth making. You will then have no trouble choosing a path that gives you the highest odds of success.

In simple terms, the manufacturer states you will notice increased attention from women when you wear the product. Whether you are at work, school or in a social setting, you can expect women to show much more interest in you. Women who smell the pheromone will feel social and become attracted to you.

For the sake of honesty, the Domination XS team also reveals that some people might have a negative response to the pheromone. While many people will feel compelled to be near you, others will become annoyed by your presence. Be prepared for the positive and negative attention if you buy this product and wear it each day. But you should not let that fact discourage you because the positive results you can get are more than worth it.

Beautiful women sitting on mans lapHow Domination XS Compares to Other Products

In the digital age, comparing products and prices is easier than ever, and you can do it in under a few minutes if you know how. Most smart consumers ask why they should buy Domination XS instead of other products that are available on the market, and that is a fair concern.

This section offers a quick comparison so that you can find the best pheromone products for your needs and goals. The effectiveness, success rate and return policy will affect the choice you are going to make, but product pricing also plays an essential role.

How Much Does Domination XS Cost?

The cost of Domination XS is probably the first thing you will notice because it costs a lot more than the other products you can buy. While many pheromone oils sell for around $60, Domination XS costs $99.97. Some people dismiss this product the second they see the price at which it sells, but that should only play a small role in your decision.

Senual couple kissingYou need to consider product quality and the success rate you can get in addition to the price tag. As far as many users are concerned, the price is worth the results as long as you can fit it into your budget without hurting your wallet.

Does Domination XS Attract Women?

The biggest question on people’s minds is whether or not this product lives up to the claims it makes. If you buy Domination XS, will it help you attract the attention of desirable women? This product has pheromones that compel women to find you much more attractive.

Although women will be more attracted to you than before, Domination XS will not do everything for you. You must still work on your social skills and make an effort to stay in decent physical shape if you want to enjoy positive results. With all things equal, you can expect it to make a noticeable difference in your dating life.

Women holding magnifying glassHow Long Has It Been on the Market?

The amount of time a product has been on the market is another factor worth considering if you are interested in making the right call.

Products that have been around for a while are a lot more likely to have reviews and feedback from other users. Click here to read customer reviews from people who have used Domination XS.

If you are stuck on the fence and don’t know where you should turn, looking at feedback is a solid way to move forward. Domination XS has been on the market for a little over five years. When it was first released, the manufacturer listed it as a limited-edition product that would not be on the market forever. The high demand for it, however, prompted the manufacturer to list Domination XS as a permanent product in its lineup.

Is It FDA Certified?

A lot of people want to know whether or not a product has FDA certification before they are willing to take a chance and buy it. The FDA reviews products to ensure that they live up to the claims they make and that they are safe to use.

Man and women in bedroomAn FDA approval gives people confidence in the product and puts their minds at ease, increasing their odds of buying it. Domination XS is not a consumable product and is not required having FDA certification.

Although Domination XS is not certified, the team cares about each client and only sells safe products that offer consistent results.

Shipping and Return Policy

When it comes to finding a product that stands out to you more than the others, a company’s shipping and return policy should also play a role in the path you select. It’s not the biggest factor to consider but is still important. You enjoy free first-class shipping when you buy Domination XS. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can use the company’s 45-day guarantee. In the event an oil blend is defective it will only be exchanged for another of the same oil blend.

Domination XS Pheromone Oil Review – Final Thoughts


If you can fit it in your budget and want to become as attractive as possible to women, Domination XS helps. Although it won’t act as a magic pill, it improves your effectiveness and gives you an edge over the competition.

Ensure that you combine it with other healthy lifestyle habits if you want to have the strongest impression on the women you meet. If you use it each day and make an ongoing effort to improve your life, you will get results of which any man would be proud.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Why is Domination XS called the “High Potency Sexual Pheromone”?

Domination XS is called the High Potency Sexual Pheromone because of its high levels of Androstenone / Androstanone and two highly masculine sexual pheromone molecules.

How many pheromones are there in a bottle of Domination XS?

Domination XS has 103.68 mg of pheromones in each bottle.

Does Domination XS work for everyone?

Domination XS does work for everyone, however, because of its potency it is only recommended for experienced pheromone users.