Athena Pheromones 10x For Men Review

athena 10xWant to get more attention from the ladies? If so, then you are definitely not the only one who has started looking into the trend of pheromone products for men! These products are rumored and advertised to offer users the opportunity to be more attractive to women with just a spray or two. Could it really be so simple?

Athena Pheromone 10X for men is one among many popular products on the market today, so we decided to take a look into it and see if this product is truly what it claims to be. Read on to learn what we found by taking a closer look!

Backed by Expert Knowledge

With Athena Pheromones 10X, it’s easier than ever to be successful with the ladies and in the romance department in general. It is the brainchild of Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler, who holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and who conducted postdoctoral behavioral endocrinology work at Stanford University. He has over 25 years of research in reproductive biology. He is the one who discovered human pheromones in 1986. Since then, he has written 8 books and published more than 35 scientific articles.

As the President and Founder of the Athena Institute in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler is the real deal and knows what it takes to create a product that really works—and he did!

How Does This Pheromone Work?

Athena Pheromone 10X isn’t your typical aphrodisiac. You use it just like you would with your average fragrance or cologne. However, the difference is that this formula comes powered with the incredible science of human pheromones. By simply mixing a vial of this product with 2-3 ounces of the alcohol-based aftershave you already use, and wearing it every other day, you will be amazed and impressed at the results you see in your daily life!

With increased romantic attention and receiving affectionate behavior from women you interact with on a daily basis—both from those you already know and those you have yet to meet—you will wonder how you ever got by without this incredible substance. It can help women realize their romantic feelings for you at its best, and at the very least, it will make women more affectionate and sociable towards you in general!

Just because Athena Pheromones 10X can sometimes only have the effect of making women friendlier towards you does not mean that it won’t help you in your life at all! In the case of those who do not harbor romantic feelings for you, especially in the case of women who are already in a happy relationship and will not be looking for a new partner, they will still become more generally friendly and amiable towards you—as a result, many men using this product have reported that it has improved their relationships in the business sphere as well as in the social and romantic world.


  • Simple to Use: It’s difficult to imagine a simpler way to get women to like you than by quickly mixing a vial into 2-3 ounces of alcohol-based aftershave and applying it every other day. However, that’s all it takes to use this expertly designed formula and to enjoy all the benefits that come with it!
  • Effective: This stuff has been proven to be effective and help men to get a proven boost in their business, social, and romantic life and relationships! If you have trouble striking up conversations with women, or making a good first impression, then this product is for you! It will present you with many opportunities to talk with women and get the desired results!


  • Won’t Work for Everyone: While this product may not work for every single man out there, it has been proven to work for most! However, body chemistry does vary. Because of this fact, Athena Pheromone 10X cannot be guaranteed to work on every single person. However, the majority of men should notice results from the formula in just a few days. For others, the full effect may take as much as 6 weeks to be achieved.

The Verdict

Don’t let your romantic life suffer because you have trouble making a good first impression with women! With Athena Pheromones 10X, it’s easy to use and you’ll find more yourself more approachable to women, and that you’re able to get much more social responses from them! This product really gets the job done well, and can help make all the difference in your love life!