Best Pheromones For Men – Review of the Top 3 Products on the Market

It’s no secret that pheromones can help you become more attractive to women, get more respect from your peers, and increase your confidence in social situations.  The problem is that not all pheromone products are created equal, and in fact, many of them don’t even have a high enough dosage to have a noticeable effect on others.  If a pheromone spray doesn’t contain the right combination of ingredients or the right dosage, then what’s the point?

We’ve researched all of the top rated pheromone brands, and here are the top 3 products that we recommend.

#1 Pherazone


Pherazone is the brand I recommend most for men looking to increase sexual attraction from women.  According to their web site, Pherazone works to help you get more dates, more sex, and attract the woman of your dreams.  In recent tests, this product has shown to work for over 90% of users, which is higher than any other brand we’ve reviewed.

Pherazone contains the highest concentration of human pheromones with a potent 36mg blend in every bottle including Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone.

With over 6 different lab-certified pheromones combined with a great smelling fragrance, it’s no wonder that Pherazone has been one of the best selling pheromones for men over the past several years.

  • Proven effective for over 90% of users in recent tests.
  • One spray lasts 4-8 hours
  • High concentration of ingredients compared to other brands.
  • 30 day risk-free money back guarantee on all orders.

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#2 Nexus Pheromones

Nexus pheromonesNexus Pheromones uses a combination of seven different human pheromone compounds to amplify its effects. More than 12 years of research has gone into creating this product and it includes the pheromones that are designed to attract the opposite sex, induce feelings of attraction, heighten sexual response and provide a more masculine appeal.

One application of Nexus Pheromones lasts for up to 10 hours, which makes it a bit longer lasting than other products on the market. Just one spray is said to provide maximum results so while it is a bit more expensive than other products, it is designed to provide longer lasting results with less product so the cost may actually balance itself out.

Nexus Pheromones can also be worn with another cologne without causing a major odor imbalance.

  • One application can last 8-10 hours
  • 67-day money back guarantee
  • Contains over 7 different powerful ingredients

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#3 PherX


PherX is one of the newer brands to hit the market and is quickly becoming one of the products on the market.  In order to appeal to all demographics, they have separate pheromone sprays for men, women, gay men, and gay women.   Pherx includes over 18mg of pheromones including Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone.  According to users that have tried this product, it works extremely well in social settings.

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Explanation of the Different Types of Pheromones

Alpha/Status Pheromones For Men

alpha maleNeed a little confidence booster next time you have to present that all-important speech to the big honchos at work?  Or maybe you are amping yourself up for the best job interview of your life?  Or you just need to go meet the in-laws?  Or you just need that extra push and poise to pull off a big audition?  Do not fret and do not fuss.  Just try an alpha or status pheromone.  You will be the “have to have you” guy, with women weakening from your gaze and men envying your self-assuredness.

Sexual Pheromones

sexual attractionFor a deeper, more animalistic reaction to your male prowess, try sexual pheromones.  The former pheromone is used more as a way to peak interest, get noticed in a subtle, non-sexual manner.  Sexual pheromones are quite different.  They are more intense and direct.  If you find when you’re out and about on a social level and there are many males around, say at a nightclub or party, and you need that competitive edge, sexual pheromones will give you that much needed boost to attracting that special someone or someone’s, you had your eye on.  Just be warned of all the attention you will receive, from those you maybe are not wanting too.

Social Pheromones

social settingIf you need to relax a bit and come off as the fearless and cool kind of man, a social pheromone will do the trick.  With a spring in your step and a youthful outlook on life, you will be pulling in the babes, young and old in no time, as well as impressing just about everyone in your company.  Social pheromones give you an air of spirit and brashness, without appearing egotistical.  A situation that may call for this would be that family garden party where mother wants you to be more engaging with the Jones. Or maybe you need to impress at the next social Christmas party at work?  Social pheromones will help you out.

Romantic/Attraction Pheromones

romanceIf you want to take that next step from being friends, try out a romantic or attraction pheromone.   Or maybe you feel you need a little red flag booster sent in the direction of a certain someone.   Just like a magic love potion, these compelling scents will have your possible significant other trembling at the knees for you or at least showing a bit more interest than a glance.

How To Choose The Best Pheromones

Pheromone Cologne Must Smell Good

A pheromone must not smell too strong.  Like cheap cologne, a strong smelling pheromone will do the opposite if not balanced properly.  Think subtle.   Think less is more.  As with a good perfume, make sure you cannot smell the pheromone yourself.  If you can, then the product isn’t a good brand.  A good way to tell if the brand is good, is to test it out on a girl that is a friend (tell her to control herself before hand) and ask her if the scent is pleasant.  You want to attract, remember, not repulse.  The scent is generally slight but profound.

Check the Ingredients to Make sure BOTH Androstenone and Androsterone are present

Two important ingredients that need to be included in your bottled pheromone product are androstenone and androsterone.  These are natural human pheromones, released from the sweat glands.  It makes sense to have these present in your bottled pheromone concoction.  They are the key ingredients, in fact, to a successful outcome.  And in addition, do not mask the natural pheromone scent with other cologne or perfume.  This will take the power factor away and confuse the receiving person’s reaction.

Make sure the product includes a money-back guarantee

There are many fakes and just downright nonsense pheromone products on the market.  They boast to be the best but in fact are just BS’ing.  They claim to produce the most fantastic results, but like the witch that offers the magic potion of amore with the promise of undying love from the unsuspecting female, don’t believe everything you read or hear.

But how are you to know, right?  That is unless you have tried and tested the product yourself.

Instead of taking their word for it and letting them take your precious money, make sure there is a money-back guarantee within a certain number of days or weeks, so that when it doesn’t have the desired effect, you can take it back and demand your hard earned cash in return.

Do yourself a favour, and do some research on the company that is claiming to manufacture the product, have they been around for a few years?  Or are they a fly-by-night operation?  If you cannot find any Intel on them ask them for referrals and references from satisfied customers.  Seeing and hearing in this respect is most definitely “believing”.

If they are that confident in their product, they may even hand out small samples, enough for you to use once.  When you see that it works, you will definitely be back for more.  If it does not, well then their tough luck and your saving grace.  Move on!

Only Buy from Companies that have a Positive Online Reputation

As above, check out the feedback from existing customers.  A good pheromone company will have a section on their website for comments from those that have used their scents.  If they claim to be new and are still building up their clientele, then ask for that elusive sample to try out first.  Or better yet, ask to speak to a willing existing customer or someone that has been a guinea pig.  New companies often ask people to be trialist, sending them out into the public with their pheromones intact.  From this they can gauge the reaction and success results.  These should be readily available to you before you decide to buy.

If you find, after much researching and interviewing that they don’t have a positive following, then you will want to stay well clear of their products.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best pheromones can seem difficult, particularly given the number of products that are currently on the market. It may actually come down to trial and error. Users may simply need to try one or more product to see which one provides the most desired results. Those who want something that works quickly may be perfectly satisfied with Pherazone or Nexus Pheromones while someone who wants something a bit more natural and longer lasting, may prefer PherX.

Studies have shown that pheromones can increase desirability and overall attractiveness. Choosing a product that works best often comes down to the results that are expected. Any of these products will provide the ingredients that are designed to attract members of the opposite sex. Again, it may simply come down to which product works best for each individual and the unique desires of those individuals when deciding which product is best.