Attract-Rx Pheromone Review

Attract-Rx Pheromone Review

Attract-Rx was one of the original pheromone company’s and for years was known as one of the best. Recently consumers are reporting they are being ripped off by Attract-Rx. The company is failing to ship products purchased and ignore all communications from unsatisfied customers. Furthermore, they are cheating their affiliates out of their earned commissions. This company won’t be in business much longer with these business practices.

Attract-Rx is a Pheromone releaser that is completely natural. It helps the body release its own unique pheromone. It is a herbal product that is nothing like sprays and colognes, which only mimic the body’s scent. This makes it an effective solution. The best part is that it works for both women and men and is very easy to use.

Product Details

Dosage – The manufacturer has given the dosage details on the bottle. Take 3 pills at bedtime everyday for at least 2 weeks. You need to give the product at least 2 weeks for it to show results. But, user reviews say that the results are visible in just 3 days.

Duration Of Effect – As long as you are taking the pills, Attract-Rx keeps working. The body starts giving out its unique scent. But, if you stop taking the pills, the effect wears out completely in about 1 week.

Usage Difficulty – This product is easy to use. The pills are not oily, sticky, or smelly. You just have to pop the pills into your mouth and your course begins. There is nothing more to be done.

Effectiveness –  Very effective. I bought and tested this product on myself and found that the opposite sex was very friendly with me. I have always had difficulty in attracting others. But, within 4 days of taking this product, my life was changed.

I am a shy person and can’t talk to someone easily. Therefore, I have always lacked for company. But, when I started using this product, I found people walking up to me and talking to me for some time. In fact, things went a little further. I took courage in my hand (I had Attract-Rx with me, after all) and asked a woman out for dinner. She not only agreed but also focused on me that evening.

Attract-Rx offers complete satisfaction guarantee.

Quality – The product has been manufactured with extreme care taken about its quality and safety.

Price – If you compare with other products in the market, then you will find it a little expensive. Of course, other products do not live up to their promises, whereas this one  does. Nevertheless, discounts are given for more than one bottle orders.


There is no doubt that these pills really works. You start taking it, and you can see fast results. Many people have attested to the benefits of using Attract-Rx. Some of the advantages are given below:

  1. It works on the body, so that it releases its own unique pheromone. It does not have any smell and so, you can use your favorite perfume or cologne in addition to using Attract.
  2. It is fast and effective, producing desired results in as less as 2 weeks. So, in two weeks, you can have the man or woman of your dreams.
  3. This product is not just to enhance sexual attraction. It also makes other people around you, irrespective of age and gender, comfortable. So, they approach you and are friendlier.
  4. The pills start working within 2 to 3 days and continue working. They stop working only when you stop taking the pills and even then, the effect wears off only after 1 week.
  5. They don’t produce any distinct smell. The pills work in conjunction with your body’s natural smell.
  6. In addition to all this, the manufacturer offers you complete guarantee. So, if you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return any unopened packages or bottles within 75 days. The period is calculated from the date of purchase. You will get a complete refund for the unused product.

With so many advantages, why shouldn’t you give Attract-Rx Pheromones a trial?

Attract-RX Results

Based on my own use and user reviews, it can be seen that Attract-Rx really works. It does produce effective results within 2 weeks of using it. People are more friendly and comfortable around you. As a result, you can find yourself a mate.

As the product is natural, without any synthetic ingredients, it is safe to use. Also, since it is so effective, people have been using it with amazing benefits and effects for quite sometime now. When you use the product, you get an added advantage over others.