5 Tips For Attracting Women

5 Tips For Attracting Women

Many men tremble at the thought of attempting to woo a woman, mainly because there is no magic formula for doing so. Women are delicate, psychological beings, and for some men, attracting them does not come easy. Lucky for you, this is a list of powerful strategies that are used every day to attract women of all degrees. If you find that the ladies just aren’t feeling what you’re doing, give these tips a try and your chances will increase greatly.

1. Be Mysterious

Let’s face it. Women like it when men don’t seem to care a whole lot. It’s much more likely that a woman will be inquisitive about a man who doesn’t share too much or show excessive interest than one who makes it extremely easy for her. For example, pretend that it’s a Friday night. Friday nights are popular being spent out on the town or hanging out with friends. Don’t spend your Friday night texting her all night long, making it obvious that you have nothing planned or anything to do. No, you’re a hip person that’s got plans and a social life. If she does text you, delay your responses by a few minutes. Small tactics like these will go a long way if they’re used consistently.

2. Have Some Wit

Next, you’re going to want to be funny. Research has shown that women rate a sense of humor high on the list of priorities that they search for in men. Of course, wittiness doesn’t come naturally to all men, and that’s fine. You can fine tune your sense of humor in a number of ways. For example, you can spend a few nights a week watching stand up routines from highly esteemed comedians, or you can check out some of her favorite comedy shows. Either way, a sense of humor is going to help you immensely in the process of attracting women.

3. Be Confident – Not Cocky

This is a trait that many men struggle with. It’s not very difficult to exude confidence, but it’s hard to keep it out of the territory of cockiness. Although confidence and cockiness seem similar, there is a blatant, thick line between the two, and women only appreciate one of them.

When a man is confident, it shows. This means that your head is held high, you’re outgoing, you’re talkative, and your body language tells people that you’re focused and you know what you want in life. Cockiness on the other hand is unflattering and only truly works on very few women. A man is cocky when he is self-centered, uses the word “I” a lot, degrades other to make himself look better, and so on. Many men use cockiness as a defense and facade to make themselves look better, but all it really does is exude insecurity. Avoid being the cocky guy and work on your confidence. It will take you much further and you won’t offend anyone either.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

This is something that is much more easily said than done. For some guys, every second of maintaining eye contact is painful and terrifying, but it can be the difference between a woman taking interest in you or not. You’ll want to look into her eyes as she speaks to you, but not so much or for so long that you look like a hopeless creep. Break the eye contact up intermittently to keep the dynamic casual, but be sure to hold it steady for the majority of the time. You can say a lot with your eyes, so you’ll want to use this to your advantage.

5. Dress Nicely and Exhibit Good Hygiene

And finally, stay up on your hygiene and dress as though you care about your appearance. It even helps to wear expensive clothing from time to time to show her that you are doing well financially. You can even take it a step further and wear popular brands that are regarded as expensive. This will definitely send a message in your favor to her that you’re financially stable and you can afford those types of things. If you can’t realistically afford them, then don’t worry about it. However, if you can, then why not?