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PherX Pheromone Cologne For Men Review


This cologne was introduced in the market around 10 years ago. This product was one of the original pheromone colognes. This revolutionary cologne was developed by pharmacologists and biologist to provide exceptional scent and benefits to its users. Recently this company fell from grace though. There are reports that they are ripping customers off by not delivering ordered products. Furthermore, they have stopped paying their affiliates earned commissions. Many consumers are reporting this company ignores ... Read More »

Liquid Trust Review

Liquid Trust

Liquid Trust is a liquid spray designed to evoke feelings of trust in people that the wearer encounters. It is sold by Vero Labs and can be found online at their website and at Amazon. Liquid Trust is recommended for situations in which the wearer would like to form a bond of trust with another person in either a professional or social setting. Vero Labs also offers a version of Liquid Trust called Enhanced Liquid ... Read More »

Attract-Rx Pheromone Review


Attract-Rx was one of the original pheromone company’s and for years was known as one of the best. Recently consumers are reporting they are being ripped off by Attract-Rx. The company is failing to ship products purchased and ignore all communications from unsatisfied customers. Furthermore, they are cheating their affiliates out of their earned commissions. This company won’t be in business much longer with these business practices. Attract-Rx is a Pheromone releaser that is completely ... Read More »

Nexus Pheromones Review

Nexus pheromones

The power of pheromones has been speculated for quite a while, but ten years of research has provided undeniable proof that men who produce a strong and balanced pheromone fragrance attract more women into their lives and are much more sexually active. Women just simply can’t get enough of the intoxicating pheromone smell that emotes from healthy and successful men. Thousands of years of evolution and human development have programmed women to react favorably to ... Read More »

Pherazone Review


Several men just attract all the gorgeous ladies without putting too much effort, while other men nearly go desperate and outrageous to look for anyone who is even distantly attracted to them. Well, maybe that is how it seems like to be, but the newest scientific developments have certainly proved the otherwise. Most significantly, there are currently special perfumes and scents produced with pheromones for men. In spite of not being noticeable on a conscious ... Read More »