How Pheromones Can Help Attract Romantic Feelings From Women

women and pheromonesAre you tired of being alone? Do you want to start getting attention from women? Love may be difficult to find but a lot of cologne companies today are trying to sell their products claiming that certain scents will help you attract a woman’s attention. While this might be true, there is not enough research to prove its effectiveness. But don’t worry because your dreams of finding the woman of your dreams are still possible because of Pheromones.

You might notice that some guys who are not as good looking or wealthy as you tend to attract more ladies than you do. And this might just be because of their pheromones which are chemicals naturally released by the human body. Such chemicals are also used by other species of plants, insects, and animals to send particular messages to another species. These messages may be cooperative, territorial, or even sexual intentions. Pheromones are released by the human body and give your skin its natural smell.

How Does It Work?

Pheromones’ effects are evident in animals’ mating behavior. When the female animal starts to heat, male species are suddenly drawn and will not be able to resist the urge of breeding with this female. This strong effect of pheromones sometimes leads to a competition between two males as they fight to be the girl’s partner.

According to scientists, people have a Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) inside the nose that is responsible for detecting the pheromones emitted by the opposite sex. These pheromones can be emitted off through sweating. For men to use this to their advantage, he just needs to be close enough to a woman and her VNO will be able to detect the pheromones being released. After capturing the scent, the message will reach her hypothalamus and will suddenly feel interested about the guy. The woman will instantly feel attracted, and it will affect her actions, emotions, and the level of her hormones.

How Is It Produced?

This strong chemical is naturally made by one’s body and is released through sweat and other fluids in your body. One of the areas where there are a lot of pheromones is your armpits, and the chemicals are spread in the air which is going to be received by the opposite sex nearby.  However, some pheromones released by a man’s body is affected by deodorants, antiperspirants, soaps, body wash, and colognes because the natural scent is washed off by these products.

For those who want to smell nice and still get the benefits of pheromones, cologne companies are now formulating colognes with pheromones made to imitate a human’s pheromones. There is now no excuse for you not to use this remarkable chemical to attract women.

What Are The Effects?

Wearing a nice cologne or perfume can catch a woman’s attention since ladies love great smelling guys. But having pheromones is even more powerful and will make them more curious about what is attracting them to you. This attraction is the “fallout” or imprinting effect that this chemical has in women.

The effect of pheromones doesn’t guarantee a long-term relationship with the girl of your dreams, but it will certainly make her miss your presence and cause her to have a crush on you. This impact causes her to think about you and will crave for your presence. Once the chemistry is undeniable for both you, you can use this to your benefit and show her how great you are.

Pheromones are not some magical potion, and some even think that this chemical is responsible for making men feel confident. This confidence boost might be because of the added attraction that pheromones offer and this, in turn, attracts a woman because women like such guys. In fact, confidence can increase a person’s pheromones, so it is one of the keys to remember if you want ladies to notice you.

Pheromones are useful chemicals that our bodies release. This mind-blowing compound just proves that human bodies are capable of doing extraordinary things like attracting the opposite sex through our natural scent. Understanding how pheromones work on women cannot promise you a serious relationship instantly, but it gives you an opportunity to attract the woman that you like and find love.