How Effective Are Pheromone Sprays For Attracting Women?

intimate coupleYou may be wondering about those jerks that seems to have a magnet for women despite the fact that they have no money or looks. To make the matters worse, they may not even have the personality. So what is it that attracts women to these jerks? The fact of the matter is that the magnetism in them comes from their pheromones. When a man produces pheromones, he unconsciously sends messages to women and the women receive this message subconsciously. They find themselves getting attracted to him without knowing. In simple terms, pheromones are the manner in which nature generates attraction.

How Pheromones Work

Pheromones are usually secreted d by glands in the armpits, genital and navel area. These pheromones produce a scent, which is bypassed subconsciously in the brain of the opposite sex leading to an attraction. When the woman senses the pheromones, she will not be aware of why she finds the man attractive. When a man secretes some strong pheromones, he sends out a message to a woman that he is in perfect shape and is an ideal mate leading to sexual arousal.

How to Enhance Natural Pheromones

In every minute and second, you are secreting pheromones and these are released through the skin. When you shower regularly, you end up reducing their effectiveness. This is not to suggest that you should not shower. Common sense should tell you that poor personal hygiene would put off women. This is on top of the fact that body odor leading to a negative effect on what you desired will overwhelm pheromones. The most important thing is to avoid getting obsessed with your personal hygiene.

It is also important to note that sweat produced through working out can help in the spread of pheromones over the body. This is because exercise increases the testosterone level and this has been noted to increase the production of pheromone. Relaxing in a sauna can open up the skin pores, making it easier for you to release more pheromones.

Wearing a pheromone spray will definitely help you to feel different. When you spray it on yourself, you will become more receptive to women and the way they react to you. In other words, you will be making a statement of intent not to the women but to yourself that you are more attractive to the women. You are also likely to become aware of the women who are looking at you. This way, it will be easier for you to break the ice.

When approached by men, women are often shy. By wearing the pheromones, it can help put the women are at ease. Women will be comfortable when in your presence and will even find you funny making them to show more interest in the conversation.

Are Pheromone Sprays Backed by Scientific Research?

Since the production of the first pheromone sprays that occurred about 20 years ago, many scientific studies have been conducted on their effectiveness. Most studies have noted that around three-quarter of the people who test the product have an encounter with people of the opposite sex. The studies found that they are more likely to be touched, kissed or flirted with.