5 Ways That Pheromones Can Help You Attract Women

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dating game, pheromones are a convenient option. Pheromones are chemicals that the body secretes during social interactions. They have been found in each and every species, from reptiles to insects. There are many different pheromones that an organism may secrete, including food pheromones, predator alarm pheromones, and, of course, sex pheromones. Sex pheromones are, essentially, subconscious sex signals. One’s vomeronasal organ, which is a specific structure inside the human nose, detects the pheromone molecules that may be in the air as a result of, for instance, sweat or urine. These pheromones can help any given man attract that specific woman he has been fantasizing about. Here is how they work.

Pheromones Help With Increased Communication

Before you can start dating the woman you’re after, you need to be able to engage her by communication. Pheromones have been shown to make men more attractive to women, which leads to a greater chance of a woman approaching a man to start a conversation. Getting a woman involved in a conversation is, obviously, the first step to taking things further. This can also be a great opportunity for more insecure men to learn more about talking to women and practicing their socializing skills.

Set Off a Sexual Response

Pheromones don’t just help with communication. They also trigger sexual arousal in women. There are glands in a man’s armpits, navel, and yes, genital zone, that release a clear liquid that contains these pheromones. This scent then wafts through the air until it finally hits women’s noses, including the specific woman you are after. Once this occurs, the scent information bypasses the rational part of a woman’s brain and goes straight to the behavioral center.

Give Women the Impression That You’re Healthy

After this wonderful pheromone scent aggressively makes its way straight into the behavioral center of a woman’s brain, the woman will interpret it based on specific criteria. For example, if the woman interprets one’s pheromone scent as positive–positive being defined as a man being fit, healthy and fertile–then she may follow through on a sexual response. Pheromone-based products use a specific type of pheromone that emits a specific scent – that is, the scent of a healthy and fertile man. This means that when you use a pheromone-based product, you can be sure that the signal you broadcast is a positive one.

Women View You as the Alpha Male

Releasing these sex attractants into the air around you–provided the woman you are pursuing is nearby, of course–will make women tend to view you as the alpha male. The alpha male is the top dog, the big kahuna, the guy who’s got it going on. In a room full of other guys, being seen as the “alpha male” sets you apart. It identifies you as the leader of the group and the strongest, healthiest, most desirable man around. Women will be attracted to guys like this in a heartbeat.

Pheromones Make Women Find Men More Interesting and Funnier

What guy wouldn’t like it if more women found him more interesting and funnier? Thanks to the release of pheromones, this is now possible with better results than ever. When women find a certain man more interesting and funnier, they will naturally be more attracted to him, since these are two qualities that women claim to love in men. By creating this type of effect in women who smell this scent in a man, pheromones can increase a guy’s chances with women.

These are the five ways in which pheromones can help any given guy attract that certain woman he’s been eyeing. These pheromone-based sex attractants operate on scientifically demonstrated principles, which is why they work. No longer does a man have to rely on pure chance or a stroke of luck to get a woman to fall for him. Thanks to the proven influence of these sex attractants, men can now have more game than ever.