Do Pheromone Sprays Really Work To Attract Women?

Have you ever wondered how some men always seem to pull hot women, even though they are ugly or even a flat-out jerk?  This happens all the time, and you can’t help to think about what this guy has going for him that’s so special?  What do these women see in this guy?

Most people don’t realize that human pheromones play a large role in women’s attraction towards you.  If your body secretes a small amount of pheromones, you can often feel unnoticed by women around you.  And on the other hand, if your pheromone scent is strong (like the ugly guy or the jerk), then women will feel an underlying attraction towards you without even consciously realizing it.

Human Pheromone Sprays – The “Little-Known” Secret Weapon

The truth is that our bodies naturally produce and secrete natural pheromones.  The unfortunate part is that our bodies don’t always produce a high enough level of pheromones to make an impact on those around us.  As a result, many companies are now synthetically producing pheromone colognes (and even perfumes), in order to give you the unfair advantage.

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But do these pheromone products actually work to attract the opposite sex, or just a scam?

The overall answer is yes, pheromones do really work.  However, not all products are created equal – and some don’t even work at all.  In order to work properly, a product needs to have the right combination of ingredients.  And even more importantly, the product needs to have a high enough concentration of ingredients to make a noticeable impact on women.

Luckily for you, has compiled a list of all the top rated pheromone products and rated them on a wide variety of factors to determine which products actually work and which ones you should avoid.  We’ve analyzed each pheromone brand on factors such as:

  • Quality of Pheromones Inside Product
  • Concentration Level of Ingredients
  • User Reviews and Customer Feedback
  • Price and Overall Value

What Are The Best Pheromone Products For 2018?

#1. Pherazone

PherazoneThe top-rated pheromone product, based on our research and testing, was Pherazone.  This brand contains over 6 different pheromone ingredients at a higher concentration than any other product on the market.  Pherazone has a strong reputation and a countless number of positive reviews from men that have had great results with this product.  By wearing Pherazone, the manufacturer guarantees that you’ll get more attention from women, get more dates, and have a stronger sense of self-confidence.

Pherazone is created with quality, lab-certified pheromones so you know you’re getting a high-quality product and not a cheap scent with just enough pheromones present in the bottle to claim it’s a pheromone product. There are multiple success stories out there of men who have tried this product and found that women were much more attracted to them than ever before. Plus, the product is very affordable. The company offers plenty of discounts as well as deals when you purchase more than one bottle.

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#2. Nexus Pheromones

Nexus pheromonesThe second best pheromone product on the market – based on our testing and research – is Nexus Pheromones. This product contains a blend of 7 different human pheromone compounds that mimic the pheromones of a healthy, fertile and attractive man. These 7 pheromones incite a variety of reactions in women, and some of the benefits include:

  • Increased Sexual Attraction Towards You
  • Women Will Be More Willing To Approach You For Conversation
  • Women Will See You As The “Alpha Male” In The Room

These feelings are all on an instinctual and subconscious level, so women won’t even realize why they feel such a need to gravitate towards you.  A great thing about Nexus Pheromones is that it just takes a little bit to work. You only need to spray the product on using 1-3 sprays and it will last for up to 8 hours.  So, give it a few sprays before going out and you’re set for the night – there’s no need to reapply. You can even wear it with your favorite cologne and it will not dampen the effectiveness of Nexus. As with Pherazone, the more you buy, the more money you save and the price is comparable to other popular pheromone products.

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What Type of Results Can You Expect?

When wearing a pheromone product, what can you expect?  Well, you should notice right away that something is different. Women are going to make eye contact with you more often and you’ll get a lot more attention from members of the opposite sex. You’ll notice that they find you funnier, more interesting and that your conversations are better. There will be a lot more interest, which will be easy to notice when you’re in a room full of women.  Try it out at your favorite club or lounge to see how the pheromone products work.

Pheromones certainly work to attract women and the great thing is that they work on any man. You don’t have to be the most attractive or the richest man because women are responding to something on a very instinctual level. If you want to increase your chances with women, then pheromones can give you the edge you need.

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